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And i may have it was a man and a woman and they may have on this telephone co. Oh talking about the things i love about. Their own lives about human existence itself at the end of that telephone code. I arranged to me after that first meeting. They got married. There's something beautiful about and i think on absolutely flabbergasted film has not been made of that story of you because i know seriously is true that is one hundred percent true and literally to catch is like they made a mixed tape for the universe and and fell in love during that process and i think there's something fucking beautiful about dave and i would just say can't you do diana in a film or something uh-huh amazing and i thought the idea of that would be beautiful yemen. I someone hasn't made that then would maybe we should flynn a talk filming filming. Maybe original. We know that's the way netflix shown us yeah and we've got a budget of about twelve pound fifty. We'll use iphones and staff. Sign is making a load of film. These i find it can be done so anyway if you can think of songs that you think should make great films or stories behind great songs songs that would make even better films again. Contact was on twitter at took filming today <music> john with it being clowns the focus of the review. I fall out do a clown. I am i. It's been a minute since donna donna game. I'm calling this. One down to clown is pretty simple. Basically omnitel you some famous bill been clowns or clowns from famous movies and you've got to get the film so i have. I said pennywise you would say it. I would have accepted it chapter one chapter not to t._v. Maybe but don't worry john wayne not that kind of podcast. I'll give it a point. I got prediction. I predict you might get one or two hours of this because actually what i will think about clowns now whenever thinks about the clowns name whatever fox to clown and this is my moment. I want to give them their time to shine or the character in the film. The character in the film are so i'm gonna give you the name of the clown character from a famous movie the guest the movie or daca say i'm not going to be burgled. If i hear any type in or any form of shenanigans going gone you will be sent to the naughty step of film twitter house. Grab it but oh ooh speak wish. I literally saw someone posting interesting up saying pay having our may for pirating movies today my reviews by can't afford to go to the cinema. Maybe poder my patriot. I could afford to go. It's just like don't work like that. You break the law the or a saying. I can't be good food critic because you guys won't you pay me to go to a mitchell installed restaurant anyway. We all start before i get on. I i'll start before i get hounded but anyway i say first one. This is a clown called captain. Spaulding captains boden <hes> so he's in rub zombie movies. I'm gonna give you the point for that matter. He has he's needed to at the moment and the third one is coming out there. He sued house of a thousand corpses and the devil's rejects and there's going to be another sequel coming out very soon commun-. I'm going to give you that man rob. Zombie movies is enough. I'll give you that idea got off to a star off to a good start ed. You're okay so next one. The violator violate lighter yes. There is a clown character called the violator it a client. If i'm moving people not notice film. We're gonna be screaming at right now. People that don't know we the token old horror horror action. I i have no idea gone is doc. I think darkhorse at dark horse comic book movie spawn remember <hes> leonine sees a revolutionary in terms of computer graphics great acting a- as well right spot spot man..

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