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Correct regimen is yeah which twitter you like so i'm coming off of paxil and i'm going onto lexa pro but like but here's the thing drug companies are the worst and i'm sure like you could speak to this like having a deal with your regimen i'm sure yeah i mean we'll yeah i just take one drug now for that stuff that's amazing i only take but i do i take an antidepressant to and i also take adderall to but i take estrogen blocker and then i get a over suppressant injection once a month but we're going to say about the drug life thing they're not good here because what what happened is actually originally the very first one that i tried was lexa pro but it was the generic alexa pro and it has lactose in it like oh razi lactose intolerant and so i was just super super super sick on it and yeah it sucked and and then like the whole point of the generic is there were the same the same whatever the filler than the us it's like what the filler is and is probably cheaper it's super yeah cheaper and so i couldn't take that so then my insurance wouldn't pay for the oh so then i went on paxil and then like now i've had to go through this whole thing to get them to pay for the pay for the brand name of lexa pros and now i'm actually on that but it's like dow's.

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