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To make changes behind the scenes without impacting them one interesting thing is that usually when you find a situation where the API is more complicated it needs to be or where developers have to manage more details than they should it's because the people who are providing that APR slacking off right they're trying make things easier for themselves but in this situation it was bad for both sides it makes it very hard for infrastructure providers to make any change without talking into every user who's going to be impacted in helping them to migrate of so we really want to improve the velocity for both sides and then I think as a female inspirations what we're really looking out was conventional database where you have this nice separation between the view that someone writing a query us and the underlying details if I'm using my sequel or post Chris it's irrelevant to me how my sequel and post-chris in code a table or how they write it up so by adding the additional level of indirection where we have instead a data set view of back in your client because then it hard dependency on where that data set is physically in your data center Azure over the next couple of years were enforcing a policy where all public data must only be accessible using Dolly. API's just to make sure that we don't find.

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