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But i would love to see a dance off between those characters. Because they're both fucking nut jobs and it would just be natalie. Portman character would probably try to kill john. Travolta's character to get the the first spot on travolta would just try to banger. Joe who's gonna blue. Why are you touching me. Yeah it's man. This girl this movie i think from the get go. I was laughing out loud as it opens up with a bang with travolta just going fucking nuts and i was not expecting it to just really hit you over the head with the dancing right away. Yeah they they go for a man and stallone gets his montages in. Yes he does he really he saturates it and yeah it again. Yeah this movie is. It's not a good movie. But i didn't hate myself watching it. I laughed. i had a good time. Watching. it is also kind of like the perfect movie for us. Because we have john travolta end silvestre salone like who have been on a lot of episodes. Yeah it's I think we i was looking at my picks and i seem to have a fetish. I guess yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. I gotta layoff the travolta so staying alive from nineteen eighty-three is directed by sylvester stallone at stars john. Travolta's of cynthia rhodes finola hughes julia. Vaso norma donaldson kirkwood smith frank. Stallone really small cast like. There's not many obviously. There's there's background extras but it's really. It's really three people. There are muslims movie. As i'm debbie score of four point seven and a rotten tomatoes score of zero percent budget. Twenty two million dollars box office. Sixty four point nine million dollars. It was the seventh highest grossing film of eighteen. Three kind of impressive. Because this shitty. This cost twenty two million dollars. Yeah i would assume. I would say it's probably four people. If you in court cleared the choreographer who was i guess the mickey of this movie so none of his inspirational speeches make any sense. Saying he's a good mickey. I'm not. I'm not saying i'm just saying that. I notice because i was watching back the second time just like i don't i don't know what he means by any of the things he's just said i don't know i don't know where the students coming from. He shows shuttle he's a very astute and choreographer and he's director of the play. Oh yeah the director But he's always in the right place at the right time each time. Tony is going through something. So it's almost like i to me if if you take out the music and the dancing. This is a horror movie. The directors stocking director stalking him. And tony stocking the laura laura he stalking her and yeah he i think he just if it wasn't for that he would probably try to kill her but he would've kilter on stage. I think that's how this would have ended and speaking of stalking. He literally blaze out stalking behavior. When he's yelling at her. The one time your own. You don't answer i go to the studio. You're not there. I go to your house and you walk up with some guy over and flags how these are these. Are your problem there. And but the the the issue with this movie is the women..

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