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See Brown All. The people say Hi Sean Back on top Well unfortunately Every life comes to. An end we got the news over the weekend that, Nancy. Sinatra senior, the first a Frank Sinatra's four wives and the mother of all of his three children has. Passed away she was one hundred and one and according to, her daughter, Nancy, Sinatra junior these boots are made. For walking she. Passed peacefully no cause of death was given Frank and the former. Nancy Barbero we're both New Jersey natives married from nineteen thirty nine to nineteen. Fifty, one After their marriage in nineteen. Thirty nine Franken Nancy lived in Jersey City New jersey which was her hometown And it was there. That she gave birth to both Nancy junior Frank junior and then in one thousand nine hundred forty four they moved to California where daughter kina was born the. Sinatra's, separate in September nineteen fifty and a whopping ten days after that divorce, was finalized in nineteen fifty, one Frank, Sinatra married Ava Gardner Can't remember how long that lasts about six seven seven years apparently something I'm guessing something was. Going on ahead. Of time because you run out and marry somebody ten, days later, Nancy. Sinatra's senior never remarried Frank. Divorced Ava Gardner in nineteen fifty seven later, married, me, a, pharaoh and followed that up with Barbara Marx who was his fourth and final wife and she was. With, him, until he. Died. Twenty years ago nineteen eighty? Eight now my big question here is in rest in peace Nancy Sinatra senior I never until this weekend when, I, saw, the, story, on Nancy Sinatra senior Nancy Sinatra junior new that. You referred to daughters as junior if they had the same name as her mother oh yeah I guess so have you ever heard now I know I know. A, lot of, mothers, whose daughter Has the? Same first name that I've never heard them called junior It was designated for men That's that's. A new one for me tell. Me up at eight.

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