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We are back with MAURICE cut Arale. We're talking about one of his works called future science. How many additions is it in now? Maurice I starting the full edition show super good for you. Good for you. Exactly. Why is gravity so important? Gravity. I have an expression, which is I'm using traffic Roberts all these gravity now. Everything is gravitate everything the innovates. So what his gravity gravity is actual magnetic energy. And once we understand how actress Jim magnetism together began in the stunned. What gravity is once to stand what we are where we are why we here we can understand. How everything has been designed? Once they understand that it's being designed we have to question. Why was designed this way? Not then explains. Why everything in the world the way his? Just but also love also hates. Also the things I spoke, Valia haven't haven't Peggy trade one of the problems with this, because it's so embracing an all encompassing is that people are very skeptical. If somebody comes along and says, look, I've figured it all out, then not sure they skeptical because that's part of the design in hell is programmed into human beings? He's baked into psyche. If you like when we all created has to be that way, because if we were small things out, we figured out that we were in hell and how would stop working and not be allowed? That's one of the rules of how. To be improved all economy allowed to stop working. And what people say is they say I've because I've come across they say, very intelligent, people, excuse me, have tried to figure out how gravity works without success. The inferences that fall, whoever does figure out how gravity what will have to be more intelligence than all of those who are tried full. What did I don't understand is there is no such thing as intelligence human beings, fifty percent of what we call God fifty percent of what we call the devil. The physical body is the devil on the electromagnetic energy. That flows through the body is God good ideas, or the so if you like inside the body inside the data. Good ideas come from college. I'm bad ideas. Come from the body. God sends good ideas into the world through people who can pick up those ideas who are listening, many of those that stunning, I is have been spiritually predisposed including Isaac Newton. An Alabama on Stein you as a scientist. You're convinced a creator, aren't you? Absolutely. The show of that, that nobody was that, that was a creative, but there is a creator and won't understand about Jim moccasins Einstein's equation, E equals MC squared, then we can stunned that in the beginning that must've been energy, that's the part of the equation. And that some of that energy must have crossed Stein's equation. I'm become mass. So we have to a close and say is the speed of light, which we have to use to get the wrong concept so that E equals MC squared energy in the beginning, it was had some of the energy cross the equation became the physical universe. We see around us the mess. So the one side, we say God is electoral magnetic energy is a spirit. It's a soul on the left inside the equation. Let's say in the beginning, God was a million volts of energy in the universe. That's all existed the next stage of the analysis. Some of the. The energy crosses the equation. Let's say ten percent of it hundred thousand crosses on Stein's equations, how we have a big explosion, and that explosion tons into the planets, and the stars and becomes the physical universe rec- around is now on the left hand side. If on the left on side, we have plus a million volts, that's God than if a hundred thousand volts crosses over to the other side of the equation, it becomes minus one hundred thousand dollars. That's just the excuse me. Sure. That's just a simple rule of algebra, let me ask you this because in, in future science. You talk about the beginning of time and how the universe began kind of explain that for us marines because that is something, of course, that all of us are baffled about how did the universe get it start? Well, this is what I'm actually saying this time. Well happen was in the beginning that was no time. There was just God and then God created the physical unifies whatever God might be. God is electoral magnetic energy. Okay. That's what it is. All right. Electricite god. He's electric now. You say, well, it's clever. Well, it doesn't work that way, if I put God into electrical cattle, the cattle, the water in the Catholic halt, so why the plastic and the metal of the castle have been designed when I got into the cattle Walter gets halts when I got into the refrigerator the refrigerator gets cold because that's the way the refrigerator's being designed. Now when I go into a human brain human tissue, the human tissue becomes spatially away, the human tissue begins to sink because that's the way the human tissue has been designed we've become cognizance of everything around, we've become the wet, we think we become aware of everything around in the world. But he is. Lucien because also being these outlined. So in the beginning there was just a voltage now. So she's like we could save a. Why would God change it? Let's say in the beginning, it was called. Why would God want to change anything? Well, the bible tells us in the beginning God is good. And God is love and anything back to God is love, but we're also toes that God made man and his own image, and man, count, grow the on to set in points, unless he sacrificed, his apart of himself, and he sucker fines sizes jeans, and DNA he kind of grow the on a particular individual. If you if he sacrifices the NA and jeans, he can grow into people millions of people, I've been in people, but without soccer is there such thing as growth. Well, given that God is good. And God is love and God wants to grow. That's all and he made in his image. God knows. The only way he can become big old back and produce more love is to create more of himself, but he can't grow without sacrificing pace of himself because that's the low of the universe. They can be no growth without sacrificing. So God through a piece of himself away, he cuts off if throws little finger away, if you like he cuts off one hundred thousand volts, and he threw them into the universe into the electromagnetic any of that time on through on Stein's equation. They crossed the equation, they changed the algebraic sign from positive or negative. So everything on the other side of Einstein's equation is the opposite of God. So if God he's good in God's love. Everything on the other side of Einstein's equation, which is negative. Must be opposite of good. The opposite of love. Any must be hell. So the physical uniforms, must be hell. And that's what Stein teaches is a low. You never knew it himself. He might be might be right. He stumbled. Into it. But how did how did it all start? How did even the beginning of God begin? Why did they original electro-magnetic energy come from isn't interesting question? And clearly it's, it's a bit like having a computer desk, and the computer is watching, you just let your watching the computer, the computer gets clever clever with Lucien with more memory sauce, the processing speeds and so on. The computer next to the computer, Tokes, the one next to the computer and the computer next to the one says who'd you think created us on the number one computer says, well, I don't know who created this, what creates it is. But I rather suspect that whoever a whatever it is have ten fingers. Because every day, he tickles me ten fingers. Whoever it says it created us most is because I have a loudspeaker on. He keeps changing the things I say and whoever pays must be able to see me because I have a monitor and he keeps looking at the monitor. But it doesn't matter how club of those computers, get they can get a good idea of who sitting in front of it. The human being. Has has knows is touchy has fingers. It can never imagine weather human being came from. So what I must why did the original voltage come from I as the computer cannot tell you because all I am is Martha with a soul inside piece of godly energy inside me and that energy forces electrical current through my brain. And there is limits, what my brain can handle. So all I can say is that we all we're all every living thing is called God wants to grow. Now, we know that there are different mechanisms in how if I love you the myself grows, and if I hate you, my soul foles goes down goes down. So if I love you. I'm my cell voltage grows if it gets high enough than one my body down as I go back to God and God's voltages grown. So that means called grows and he fulfills his objective of a big called called gets bigger, which is the whole point of the NFL called allow created living things, so that he could grow without living things grow. But the only way could do that was to create how and how has many mechanisms among them, for example, reincarnation so that you must ensure that people try to escape from how cannot escape. So somebody commits suicide, they must come back. It's like a piece on a, a gaming bowl like monopoly if somebody. Falls off the gaming booed. One of the pilots, one of the players identities falls off the booth like a shoe or wind, male or whatever it is. Tomorrow. Whatever it is. Exactly. Yes. You back onto the bullet to pave and start again go. It's like if you imagine a hump stuff you have a hamster on the table and you're looking at your house, too, when the humps to get to close to the edge of the table, you immediately the hamster. I'm putting back into the middle. Now, you know why you've done that because you don't want to fall off get. But the humps it doesn't know why you've done that. And that's why he tries to bite, you know, you but he gets frustrated because he is like a human being tries to make his life back to buy earning more money, but just as we more money, how may become comfortable we finish up back at the beginning. Thanks a lot is. We're back onto the Bill of these all money. Maybe got divorced in these off the house off the car. Maybe the company goes bust, and there's all these guys, but we can never most people can never. Fulfill their objective of improving that life on us. Oh, becoming happy, if you like because there's no such things as happiness, because of time time is a mechanism in the physical world. And I mentioned earlier, so we can be happy for a while, but becomes me happy for all of the time. And that's why time is so important in the physical world. Explain that a little bit more MAURICE because you're right about something in, in that is we're at times, where people are not happy at all. And then Tom, sometimes they're, you know, happy sometimes, but most of the time, they're not how count and that's one of the mechanisms have how, and there are many mechanisms of how not just not disasters where ce`namas drowns people quakes co people cost people pain thunder line in coast floods, and destroy a homes, because we're in how all of these mechanisms exists to make how, and.

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