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Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin Kevin. You're just ridiculously stupid. Welcome welcome welcome. Welcome back another edition of C. C. K. We're coming off the top a little bit different today. I got Charles Oakley on the line and since we only got an hour I wanNA get right into it so Charles. Oakley joins us. What'S UP OAK tree? How you doing man? I'm good dude. Are you aware that it is the Anniversary of the PJ PJ Brown. Charlie Ward fight game and the subsequent suspensions. It was twenty three years ago today that that all went down. You're your phone's a little bit tough connection. It's hard to hear you right now. My speaker said no. I said it was. It was tough game of that happen You know playing well. Yeah knows you feel if that doesn't happen in those suspensions don't happen do you think that series ends differently. Oh No don't control the game but I I feel like it's been interesting. You know few weeks or months with you and some of the comments that have come out recently and I know what the last dance and everyone talking about the balls. The Knicks the ninety S it's on the forefront of everyone's minds to you still stand by all your comments regarding Patrick Ewing the Knicks. And and how those those series.

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