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I'm Brian Calvert. With the KOMO extra. A state lawmaker says he'll once again push a Bill to legalize the export of marijuana yet. Even he realizes this is a long shot you see ever since states like Washington approved recreational cannabis use. There's always been a giant asterisk what's grown here stays here. Not only is transporting pot across state lines illegal, but the move that is likely bound to get more federal attention than anyone truly wants. Which is why some are likely wondering what Senator Floyd present ski is up to the state Senator plans to head to the Oregon state house later this year with a Bill adding to the beaver states list of exports. He even jokes that his is a vice state. Offering the world, pot and Pinot Noir. Get before you accused the Senator of being high. He explains his rationale to the statesman journal newspaper. I he says Oregon has an oversupply that's causing pot prices to plummet exports would certainly open more doors and presents ski second reason. Well, it's considered visionary by some he believes the feds will someday green light gun shop and simply wants Oregon to have an expert system in place the moment that should happen. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Now, your political insights from ABC news, the president and Democrats spending part of the weekend. Trying to end the government shutdown now entering week three the president saying to get his border wall. He's ready for it to last months even years. Absolutely. I said that I don't think it will. But I am prepared. And I think I can speak for Republicans in the house and Republicans in the Senate, they feel very strongly about having a safe country where the government shutdown continuing more. Americans are feeling its effects many of the eight hundred thousand government.

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