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His statement. We had to go to break. But Jeff, you were saying so We have Carol Daniel construction that's going through and going to give us a kind of a budget and a to do list. We don't have fun sitting aside for a complete renovation, so they're going to give us kind of steps of what needs to be done next, and so we can kind of bite that huge elephant one bite at a time to tackle it. We've got a community group that set aside that's helping kind of a steering committee and we're meeting monthly. So you know, we're working towards that again. Be patient. It's not gonna happen overnight. But things have definitely started moving in the last couple of months over there, So the ball is really rolling them. Yes. Oh, that is awesome. That is awesome. Thank you so much for having time to come and taking out your day to sit with us today. Thank you so much. You've answered a lot of questions for me, and it's good to hear that the ball is rolling and you got things going on in a couple a couple issues and it's good to know that your family's okay. Thank you. I'm glad to be here. Thank you so much for being with us today. Hey, guys real quickly. We've got another amazing guest that's going to be in with us. Steve Mickens of the boys and Girls Club is gonna be with us. Um, they've got a community meeting. I wanted to make sure that that that I remind you that they've got a community meeting with, uh, with the commissioner Jeff Stone, Saturday, December the fifth That meeting is at 11 A.m., and it's going to be a greater temporaries church. I got it in and so, like I said, I've got Steve Mickens here with me from the boys and girls Club. Steve, How are you doing, sir? Faster. I'm doing well. Good to be here. Thanks for having me. Wow. It's been a little while since you and I have spoke to one another. We We were speaking pretty regularly at one time. But you know how we got so busy, Steve, You got a lot of stuff going on at the boys and Girls Club. Yes, we do. We do cover. It's been really challenging year for all of us, and we've been making sure that we could serve kids. That's been the number one priority. And so we were fortunate to pivot and get our game ready to serve kids and make it.

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