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But i mean he was ultimately. I mean he knew it as well and it was it was rough and then it was just sort of those. Yeah it's never easy. I mean it's it's horrible. Yeah i think therapist it said this is the worst like because when i said i'm going to do this she was like this was like when i say i'm gonna do something or i know it's bad and i recognized. This was a very unhealthy relationship. And i couldn't believe i had allowed myself to be in this. I was like okay. Gotta get. I gotta fix this and she was like. Do you know how hard it is to get divorced like. It's mass amount of grief like this going to be awful. And i thought okay for positive abandoned and then it was just hell Yeah it's just. It's very very painful. No it's not good plus the It sounds like you had to take the bull by the horns and actually run with and make it all happen. I don't think that. I mean it's like horrific together through it's horrific to be the cheerleader through. I mean cheerleaders wrong word. It's like napoleon doesn't feel as motivated as you heard you having to lead that charge. It's not this is terrible because you whether you get along or not. You've you've gotten married and we didn't actually. We never even had a wedding. We just went to the courthouse and lopes and had a big wedding party. But whether you're you know no matter what you know we still have a. We still have this thing in society. Where marriage so matters and and as much as people say that it doesn't and i've been on the dating apps and south when people lack legs. No big deal. Marriage is still saying this constitutional matters to have like this thing so when you're trying to exit it is a rough thing and then you're around denver and everybody's just like couples or holding hands and they're in the highlands and they're going to eat and you're just inundated with this. You know left right and center and yeah and you're now i'm thirty five and single and had i didn't plan on being here. This is not a predicted life to be. And and thank god because it is a way way better than where i was at. So yeah no it was. I mean which is why i lived in richmond. Which is why live in richmond today because it was. I mean i was in houston. Yeah i'm separated. I'm living in cheap shitty corporate apartment with like rented sheets. I think you now. I mean it's just miserable and i mean. My daughter called the hotel. Hey daddy can we go to your hotel. Just like god. This is horrible. And i was out to dinner. Remember this i was at itchy. And i was there with a friend and a banker who shall remain nameless salmi incommoded the table and i said thirty seven to my friend can looks at me. Funny anyway. banker comes check. How you doing bubalo. I wanna bring my high yield guys by blah blah blah. Talk about the steel bubalo. And you're all right. Gimme chop walks off and my friend looks ago. It wouldn't even thirty seven seconds that the person's pitching business to me..

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