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Seven forty this is Frank Moreno on AM nine seventy the answer at which seven thirty we're gonna take a little break for the Lutheran hour look for an hour is only a half hour don't ask me to explain it I can't but then I will be back at eight o'clock eight o'clock we have denunciations with trains within a few more your calls and then we'll talk with John Catsimatidis and get a preview of what's coming up on the the cats roundtable real quick here Mike before we go to break Mike Porcelli is here a designated program observer you were Mike you were telling me that today is the final Sunday in the month of February and the month of February in addition to being a number of months that we know about is something else I didn't know about what is this month this is career and technical education months CTP month and it's a well kept secret so you didn't even know about no I didn't right so what are we doing career ten technical education we go and learn to be V. like fishing or some well it's supposed to be about promoting trade education in all the schools high schools colleges and the education system is not doing a very good job of promoting trade education which I think is the best way for young people who don't know really what they might want to do with their future if they have any kind of mechanical ability or interest they should be investigating at least pursuing mechanical career technical career well I I think that's that's good veggie any place specifically you do recommend people go to learn more about trade education or or anything like that there's a a website there's an organization called tech force foundation they are in business to promote automotive traded but I absolutely will will definitely check that thank you for informing me of that and enjoy the rest of the month you know she team please I'm sure you've got big things planned for the next week right absolutely sure thing eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine if you want to call back at eight o'clock we'll try and get you I don't have that many people to denounce today so we will have some time for falls you would email me about anything we've discussed from Pat recommendations to discussions about presidential race to white strangers Richard Stratton drives down anything with email me at Moreno NYC radio dot com that's M. O. R. A. M. O. N. Y. C. radio dot com if you're on Facebook could you join the morale in the morning fans and haters Facebook page and you have discussions about any of the topics that we covered this morning the where's the great Barry Farber to be considered this is.

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