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How boys, which, of course, makes him a front runner because when he was growing up in the nineties over the two teams that were winning in the nineties and baseball and football The Cowboys and the Yankees. Ah man from Akron, Ohio. Is a Yankees fan. That's that's what I don't like about LeBron and everything else, testable its growth and cowboy fan. It's good, but you know what, if any, was then in those young aboard when any bandwagon the Indians type of cell CS and he couldn't see what he did. He was in the he was in a luxury box when he went to the World Series being all you know, big and frolic being Cleveland fans. But Tom the only thing worse than someone who's he was a cowboy and a Yankee fan is someone who also becomes a Notre Dame fan because they need a team to roof or in college that right there is the devil's triumvirate. That that there then you would see the terrible person do college basketball. Two college basketball and maybe maybe maybe Manu. For Connecticut women's hoops. Sure, City big Fan of genome What he's Ah, hockey hockey. Probably go with like the Ah The Penguins are always good. See today like I'm a Penguins fan for the Penguins in there just for the Just for the hell of it. Chicago was going to say the Canadians or the or the Redwings Maple Leafs, but they don't win anything. Yeah, right exactly And cut it out. Yeah. You said Red wings in the nineties that oven like Oh, come on medium red. We expanded the nineties when they gave their always. Ah, always winning stuff, So Ah, yeah, I'm not sure. Yeah, Pittsburgh's probably team, although they weren't very good dish. If they're always good, they're always in the mix so you could throw them in there. He has a cowboy's Yankees. Really? Dad, the anchors. Come on, you thoroughly enjoyed. I thoroughly enjoyed Mike McCarthy's post game this week. He's like We don't We don't possess the football. We don't do this. He named like four different things like that's not the recipe for winning football and Ah, you know, it was just a broad. I know how much you hate the hate the Cowboys. I mean, he was If you ate the Cowboys, it was music to your ears. Wass. What does he mean? We don't possessed about Prescott throws for 400 yards again. What are you talking about? We're losing guys or we don't stop anyone. He's such a boob, and I hope he has that job in perpetuity. Matter fact, you know what would be great if they put Bill O'Brien of that staff that right there by my enemy will come to work. Just it'll be like sports cocaine. I'll just be blowing out of my mind. Do that would be too much. You heard the good stuff. You were the Texan Rumor of the day, right? No Dobby Dabo. They would somehow get dab Oto leave Clemson to go to the tack. Come on, man. Okay, who started that stuff and put those rumors out there bottom? There does have a lot of cash. I mean, if you want to write a big, big, big, big, big, big fat cheque could well, he's dead. So if zombie Bob McNair writes a big check to double it, If a zombie comes and tells you to come, coach your football team his football team, do you take that job? As if you don't eat your brains, right? Rich, rich family, they could cut the check. Several Sweeney and leaving clips and a good man. He's the king of clips in South Carolina. But what do you want? That one of 32 you know, for an organization that is run terribly. That has basically no draft picks until the year 30 39 double Sweeney and coming to protections as you know, you get that, Marty. You know what that is. You get you know what that is? Mark Davis. You know P f Chang's cash. You know, that's what I know. But Do you think? Yeah. Do you exactly Do you think he's gonna give him 10 years 100 Million Devil Swimming's not coming. You know what That is, Though That is a rumor coming straight from Davos. Winnie's Agent. Get Davos, Sweeney a little bit more money and a little bit more power and Clinton. There's no way no way. Eat lead. Clinton or Obama's recruiting coordinator. Could've put that out as well. I like the way you think Larry half past headlines coming up next here on sports leader.

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