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That had every emergency urgency responder. I bet was there. If there'd been another thing that evening they wouldn't have been able to respond now well. That's my husband was one of those officers so he talked about it when tonight. He knew i was going to be interviewing you. There was one other quick story. <hes> we've got a minute and a half so talk fast him. This has been great. Thank you very much two thousand thousand two hundred sixty stories in the naked cog railway and i can tell a lot of them might teaser. Is that if any cars were cog relatives or people that know any cog stuff they should get in touch with me at. Tim dot lewis at northern vermont dot e._d._u. That's tim dot louis northern vermont. All one word dot e._d._u. I am finding out amazing stories. I have a woman by the name of mattie clarke breaking the glass ceiling in the hotel industry in the eighteen eighty four years and become says when she dies in nineteen thirty her bitch is printed twice in the boston globe. I also have have a cog railway brakeman who almost becomes an officer but because his family has split between pro nazi who who anti-nazi. I got all good stuff. You just discovered that recently right exactly so please. Tim dot lewis at northern vermont dot e._d._u. I can talk it forever. Yes he can. Thank you very much. Tim appreciate it. They will be back next monday. Tomorrow is governor douglas and the following day is steve enjoyed joy..

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