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The belief at all but there is no real conflicts that it's all just kind of misunderstanding of different forms or a clash of identities and identities as we all know can be kind of socially constructed remolded and this is what i knew kind of theoretical framework. Tell us and therefore ultimately there is no political cone. I was amazed by by seeing all of this car that it spoke directly to our own times. But then we'd worse in fact that we'd recreated the same problems which card soju ever come with recreated them in different forms not perhaps in of the league of nations international law but in ideas of constructivism and the european union. And so on which i guess will come onto. The i think other say is about the difference. I suppose it's i think that our pattern of politics today kind of proves car in reverse so cars model is about liberal. Kind of international politics found on mass politics on the integration of urban working class voters the extension of the franchise mass nationalism nationalist politics the expansion of large and powerful states based on these nations kind of struggling to assert their interests against others And all of that seems to me. He says liberal internationalism could survive in that context and it seems to me the reason that we have liberal internationalism today is precisely because that context is gone so that mass politics has been surpressed deem is kind of defused in various ways through supranational politics And so this is the way in which international politics has been recreated in the aftermath of the cold war. I think that he is by the suppression of mass politics. So the claiming the book is that car is proved in reverse as as if you want because mass politics broad liberal international politics low in the interval period has been suppressed over the last eight years and this is why liberal international politics liberal international order. If that's possible if it's legitimate talk. In those terms patrick's criticism though was standing devised by virtue of the suppression of politics..

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