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Thousand eleven dodge doc Graham Care and the other night when she was on her way home all the warning lights and receive awarded like vehicle popcorn. Don Van died right We had a friend was able to come out and jump her which is apparently what it needed. Time get it home right The only thing that could think of that might reset the system was to disconnect the battery so I said Okay disconnect the battery. Relax expert the kids to come back out. Hook it back up right well about forty briefly issue. Hooked it back up and it didn't reset anything now. The key is stuck in addition Jason and the entire vehicle. What even power on? And she can't kept when she goes to the addition. Well yes because us because the the vehicle doesn't have enough battery power wile to operate the little park lock soul annoyed. where she you know you each turn the key and then you step on the brake to pull a car out of park after you craft you crank it but it doesn't have enough power? You know the first thing that comes to my mind. Of course it's the two thousand thousand Levin D. Do you know the age of the battery and the vehicle. The battery barely a year old and it was brand new when we bought it. I put it in myself okay. It category required to put the battery. And I got you I got you well. Yeah yeah positive. Positive negative nick. You would have known before for now you need to call me but you know what you could have an alternator problem and then the battery would be totally drained. There could be some parasitic draw. Aw but here's the bottom line. The fact is that that this guy this car put her down and she would jump started and it drove her home. Okay okay I'M GONNA. I'm GonNa say that the in this is that wishful thinking but and I'm not just saying this to make you feel good but it might. I just be that the battery is bad. Even as a year old it could still be a defective battery or or whatever it could be even even a even a battery connection so the first thing that that I would suggest is to have a friend. Come come over. And disconnect the car's battery or disconnect the battery cable and Hook up another. Either we use it. What's called a jump box which is a pretty heavy? You're familiar with jump box. which has its own battery so the first thing let's do it's unless give the vehicle another source of power and and Hook up a battery to it now? That's not the same as charging the existing battery because the existing battery even though it's a year old could have been defective and if it had a one of the straps within the battery this erotic in connection you know you've got six sales that are connected together and each one the sales this votes. That's where you get sixty two. That's where you get your twelve. Oh battery battery. So there's there's a inner wire is actually cable in a bridge but there's a interconnector and if that happens to be the problem would be lucky for you. If that happened to me the problem it would give you some erratic behavior. Like she's and she has so the first thing you do who is to take out the bad apple which means disconnect the possibly bad apple the battery and connect another battery and see if the car cranks and runs and then if it does then you could take the next step either take the battery back. She could have someone to help her. Remind her of if this does work were James if this works then what she'll what she can do is go back where you bought the matter. And they'll give her another battery but understand this. Make sure she doesn't place that battery in the trunk or the back seat or the floor of another car because it will have acid on its surface and it will cause a Elites carpet and so in other words get up so you know it's like a lot of times people will take this battery and get it checked or I'm GonNa go get a battery for someone and and try to help and then put the matter in the back of the car. That's worse than you can do so get an old box of some kind doesn't matter and if you don't have it oh box you get a garbage bag and put it down. So that is insulated from the carpet or the car and and then you know just just understand that. That's a nasty thing to carry around. Because he could have have answered on it and that's really all the time but a half of this hour but let me know how that works for you and in the meantime We're here every Saturday for you. Give me a shout I can help you okay. Oh I will against her. Thank you very much welcomed James. Good luck folks. Yet is all the time that we have this hour but I promise you next hour. We're going to run the be roll from the consumer electronics. Show that Samsung. And it's really neat. Because it's about the the five G. Telematics Alabama IX control and it's a TCU.

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