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In the app store today. Welcome back. we're talking with shannon keating about all things real housewives so you know even though kathy gives off major. I don't give a fuck vibes. The truth is she must give some folks about this right because she's a voided the show for a literal decade but chose to come on now even and i have talked about this before just amongst ourselves but what do you think. Happy wants from this issue trying to rebrand herself or repair. The hilton family image. After paris has come forward about you know abuse she experienced as a teen. It's like why now. Kathy i think that's a good question and i do wonder if her appearance in the perez hilton documentary might have changed some of her calculations. I haven't seen it. But i've i've heard that she comes across quite cold and calculating and obviously she has reputation of someone who put her daughters in the spotlight. Very young and yeah perhaps perhaps this is a little bit about image rehabilitation for her. But at the same time it's like does she need. I don't know she does on the paris hilton note. There is something that. I've been trying to unpack when i'm watching beverly hills and it's this you've got kathy hilton playing up this character of like this dumb blonde right..

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