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Vantage points the fans have even if they're out there is so great did you know the the overhang was fantastic and there was a deal this every now and then someone will get one up on the roof like a Reggie Jackson Cecil fielder and was like his mythical events you know even more impressive than the hidden one in the bay are far more impressive really and it just it just felt like it it just felt like baseball and everybody that worked there there ever came in contact with we have this tremendous sense of pride of working at Tiger Stadium and then it was it was absolutely and I've heard many people say that then you get the fan when you feel the same right you get to the old Yankee Stadium the field again at Wrigley Field but but subject Tiger Stadium was definitely one of those and do you think about food rich Marty he his his first game ever pitched okay he's a rookie in nineteen seventy six nobody knows who he is was in Oakland in in late April is it he comes in and say this is one guy into it is don Baylor in a close game he faces one guy Baylor singles in the winning run game over see you later Cordell Washington scores in the eighties when that was his major league debut he didn't pitch again for like two weeks in the past the real gem in Cleveland where he had a no hitter for seven innings and like you say by the time I got the June and he was on a roll it was there's nothing quite like it he started the all star game he's making sixteen thousand a year to start the all star game come on in nineteen seventies and the and listening to the broadcasts I love the broadcast with those three guys in about princes so droll yeah you know Warner Wolfe is excitable and euchre was just as funny as ever and they were saying because it's pre all star game is saying well he's gotta start the you know he's got to be other theories are started and he ends up nineteen seventy six Bruce the guy not only makes the all star team he starts the all star game yeah he goes nineteen and nine with a twenty four complete games and nobody even has one today to two something two point three ERA or mean what a story is out there you know talking to the ball and then telling the ball what path is going to take and then getting down on his knees and many carrying around and leaping over the foul lines and it is funny I did watch a tape of that Yankee Stadium gave it when it was over that nobody left it's like fifty thousand people in Detroit or just their loving this moment so much they they had no reason to go home in a given you know a curtain call and he he was really pretty as showing as he was he was really pretty pretty modest and he couldn't believe they were doing that any he finally came out in the once I got him on the field it wouldn't let him leave it to turn into this big favorites party it was just it was so great a minute nobody watching this guy used to be eight years older you don't know the game at all have fun and different he was yeah you know in a way it's almost I don't know if it was better he died way too young but the fact that he was a little bit of a media or makes it makes it especially especially cool and historically significant because it was something that you if you were able to see it and enjoyed it was very very special yeah because the next year the arm trouble and would eventually out of Tanner cuff and he he was finished but I looked at the all star game just because he gave up a couple runs you know right away so you know here he is first time in the big leagues is starting the all star game in veterans stadium and you know sixty three thousand nine more and in Tiger Stadium the guys looking around the fifty thousand and he's so excited M. in the region it was like a kid well we are athletes this is the first thing so Pete rose single sticker RV triple Joe Morgan fly out to short right field George foster ground out in the run scores and then was in ski felt fly so that's his first in his second inning he should have put together a little bit more bench gets a base hit Kingman FAO's out and then Dave Concepcion a base hit and then Randy Jones they let Randy Jones hit really judge is gonna pitches game so they let him hit and the heat it's a passed ball then he strikes out and then he ends up getting Pete rose in a ground ball back to the boxers two innings but what I did if you can get P. rose on a ground ball back to the box that that stands up now that's so funny they let Randy Jones hit I mean the whole point is to get a pinch hitter up there for these guys whenever you can but you know pictures went three the starters tended to go three innings back then if not the next two or three guys next to guys about three innings no no no no it's a different guy every at bat it's he was going to get his time and then you know then I can review came in next but the also listeners line up for the National League so Pete rose Garvey Joe Morgan George foster lives in ski Johnny bench oh my god came it never came in right Concepcion and Randy Jones of the American League run the floor who is in the in the you talked about yeah rod rod Carew George Brett Thurman lesson Freddie land Toby Harra rusty Staab and Bobby Christian then Fitch total involved yeah right well see stop S. east I was trying to trying to get her to come out for that that curtain call that big game against the Yankees in and you know fitters is like now you go out there he goes mark I don't think they're crying for more rusty I think it's just a few that was a great out Bruxelles tell you that seventy six season and what baseball does this my MLB is doing it especially this time the take our mind off everything give us entertainment mark Fisher itch the bird did just what you said it would path down the amount so it would land in the same spot that he wanted yeah he talked to the ball he talked to himself captured the entire baseball world for that whole season every every time the money this guy on yeah it was an act I mean this is what he did he was a farm country guy from the farm in Massachusetts and you know he's talking about yeah I'm not really that smart you know I think that they had a great access to the system god you know use it use it to absolute original but he was not if not a fake he wasn't trying to put on an act this is this is what he did when he pitched you know he he wanted to tell the ball was happening it never discussion with the ball relief with any luck the ball would have a few things back to Salem and this is how we went about it in the meanwhile he he got he got these all these guys out and in honor of those there every season is great in baseball but some of the fitters hitters that he faced and you just mentioned there any other well all season the nineteen game winner and this was a baseball so this was a fitness fiction story coming to life and really what I say and that's what we will do everything it again really anything close I mean you can talk about L. robot ski having a moment behind the mount any storms back to them out all you know is going to war against Braveheart or something but there's nothing like nothing like that rich very good nineteen in nine ninety out of these six well two hundred fifty innings he walked fifty three struck at only ninety seven how bout that well that is it that's cool because he was he was clever he he was a bit a little bit of Greg Maddux and we moved the ball around he had guys hitting what they weren't expecting and you know the timing is so important and I think that's a great part of his story and it makes you think that if he's stayed healthy he could have done that a few more years very good all right that those are the pine tar game we got was George Brett and we got to figure each game we had Joey Malfitano on for about forty five minutes talking about the twenty three twenty two game in in Wrigley Field were Joe he was a third base coach for the cubs he had ice down his arm afterwards well the first inning Philly score seven in the top of the first Randy lurch it's a home run the pitcher and he doesn't make it out of the first in the bottom of the first he gives up six the Phillies are up twenty one to nine in that game that's going to be barely under the window Larry Bowa said yeah we're up twelve in the previous homeowner a couple touchdowns we were still right in sight for him in the game yeah Graham and the other one is Dave Kingman you know he had three home runs in the game and Joey said look and Joe is very candid about he said you know the guy didn't always give you fifty yeah he would give you fifty cents on the dollar so to speak he said if he would've yeah put this his mind to this he would have been one of the great players yeah absolutely that I'm sure tug McGraw never got over he gave up seven runs in a third of an inning yeah it took took interest theory is the R. A. back but what I loved about that as you look read about it no I don't deleted we're all trained you know in retrospect here but it came down to Mike Schmidt and the guy the man was Bruce Souter who is there to help me the best reliever he he was he was throwing a split finger at that time it was like this revolutionary pitted nobody could hit and I'm not sure what he threw it I think it might have been a split and in the top of the tenth inconvenience Smith put in the bleachers and that was the game deciding run but yes miss shooter and assisted but Pete rose bill Buckner Kerry Matix is in that game Donnie Moore was in that game and it's pretty dressed as some stunning stunning the real world where you and I have talked for years about Pete rose and you know back and forth in this hall of fame stuff Bruce after watching him play in this game and remembering how he plays and he ended up with but three or four hit something I forget how many he was three for seven then scored four runs after the third out he would spike the ball at first base but to see that batting stance the way he was shocked over choking up on the back you couldn't get the ball past and there's and I'm trying to think of somebody like rod Carew maybe someone like him and there's no doubt in my mind and and for me not to have him as a hall of Famer he'd have to open up a bookie shop in the middle of Market Street you know honest yeah he's like yeah exactly is it you know trump would have to shoot somebody on Broadway you know the way things are going open he would care yeah for some reason people care but as a baseball player I just can't think of anybody close to the guy no no Sir yeah we also sometimes we sit around dreaming up our all time team we're going to take on some of the pick my team and see if you can beat it or vice versa and you know you don't know where to put it in the field to maybe a third or left field but I'm gonna lead off with rose because he when he steps up there the other team's going okay were really in it for now it's not like a real harm Tony Gwynn when he got in there he owned he owns it he only played here on the game he on the county and the city in the state I mean he was he was just a frigging bad **** guy up there if you could just tell he was going to he was going to have a good night I date I I one time I had the privilege of being in Cincinnati near the end of his career and he just went five for five against the giants adjusting and CAD you know this guy's just just insane and it emits in the hall of.

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