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Joe ramsey oh that's how it starts joe out ouch optional but noncommunal to your fellow co workers are all getting the getting the chip by what you get the chip maybe you've got a chip on your shoulder you don't want the chip and incidentally you're a little late for work the other day the chip show says you got it like five minutes late and you're left you left a little early then you're supposed to it's coming right it's coming lift lift which is a ride sharing service like over is cut a deal with taco bell so let's say you pick up a uber you want to go from here there but you're little hungry along the way the uber driver we'll take you to the nearest taco bell no charge because they got to get reimbursed from taco bell than you were breakthrough the drive through will pick up a couple of lupus on your way to the bar or wherever you're going that's that's lift in the meantime october is making some changes they settle make it a better company as part of the one hundred eighty days of change initiative drivers would no longer give doc by passengers low rating on account of things that are out of the they're control like pricing issues are app glitches they'll also have the ability to adjust fears on their end without having to contact over the company will start compensating drivers who return lost items the passengers by paying fifteen dollars a pop drivers give back an average of eleven objects a year which is spent on the road without earn money i'm sierra crawford mcdonald's was done the dumps compared to the other fastfood giant not doing is what was it should have been but apparently there's a turnaround going on at mickey days the company's stock has sorted thirty percent so far this year thinks that the launch of his signature crafted sandwich platform as well as a national cold beverage value promotion for research budgets mcdonald's has been says ling ever since the east brick took over in march 2015 to try to turn around what has been a struggling brand at the time it was grappling with shrinking sales food safety skiers and enormous competition from the likes of fast casual brands like to pull les mickey dis has also taking other steps to liven up the brain including updating.

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