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The eastern Pacific skating active in all the storms are moving west but as we head into September the storm starts to curve a little bit more north and east of bringing moisture across Texas and that's that could give us a little bit of a pattern change by early September in some cooler temperatures possibly as well I'm meteorologist amber and often the care only about seventy nine degrees in Arlington eighty eight in fort worth eighty nine degrees a K. are thank you so much for staying with us someday breaking we're live in the Mercedes Benz of Plano news center listen to us while you're at work just download the radio dot com happened click on the heart to favorite KRS time to check the ten eighty bump watch gonna find a right not a dollar ninety nine in McKinney to Murphy USA it's on university and Custer it's one ninety nine in mesquite at the swift on military parkway in Peachtree as a one ninety nine in Denton at the Bucky's on thirty five and Brinker current price of a gallon of gas is it to twenty nine gas prices jumped and Nicole over night some stations saw the prices increased by more than twenty cents but thirteen percent of American couples have trouble getting pregnant fertility treatment centers can be an expensive alternative but one of the other options there are various consultations there are medication costs so a lot of times when you're talking about the cost of a particular procedure that's not taking into account all the medications that you have to pay for to prepare yourself for that procedure they're doing and freezing there's also eggs storage which can cost up to a thousand dollars a year there's various consultations if you have the means to talk to different fertility specialist those may or may not be covered by your insurance only.

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