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Thursday, the eleventh of April and Saturday the thirteenth of April. That's the semis and the national championship. And we're talking about here, Pat. We're looking forward to that coming, and we know right now three of the four. Teams that'll be involved much like the elite eight in the NCAA basketball tournament has been taking place over the last couple of days will today the final ticket. It'd be punched for the frozen four here in in two weeks from now in a little less than two weeks for nowadays. It's exciting time. I think we've talked so much we'd had the world juniors here. Now twice in the time span since the last frozen foreign we know with sabre fans talking about prospects in the potential draft picks that the sabers could could have been making over the last five six seven years. There's been more of an emphasis on following whether Pete juniors or even college hockey, and I feel like you talk to people around around the game college hockey, you're starting to get a lot more a bigger talent pool and a lot more players playing out their college careers. How many sabres, you know, Casey, middle stat the latest example of a guy who went to college and. Spending spent a year in school. And now is in the NHL. You've got so many players now that that go to college route instead of maybe juniors in Amer seeing that play out in the pros and four. Yeah. The the college game as you said, I think there's more NHL awareness, and the, you know, we know the sabers haven't been successful in the isos. Let's face it for savor fans. Looking at the top of the draft of the top prospects has been kind of a habit as of late, but it has made junior hockey college hockey a little bit more interesting. And of course, the frozen for being here this year. Many hockey fans are keeping an eye on that bracket or who's going to end up playing here and look at the success that can issue Sinagra locally have had recently in Atlantic hockey, Kinney shoes. Has had a good regular season. Niagara couple of upsets in their conference tournament went out to Air Force One the two games they needed to came back here defeated Canisius, and then came within a goal of winning the Atlantic hockey championship where AIC up winning it. They're the number sixteen seed overall in this year's frozen four NCAA tournament, the sixteen teams, and they end up bouncing out Saint Cloud state who cinnabon overall seed the second straight year that's happened. This year is just a team that did it. So another victory for hockey. And for people locally they go to harbor Senator to see acacias play. They might go up to Dwyer Rene Niagara and watch the purple eagles play. There's a lot of good local college hockey, and it's playing against teams that are in this tournament. That's right. So you said beat Saint Cloud state, but they fall the Denver Denver's one of the teams that has clinched a spot in the frozen four and it's been their defensive goaltending. Pat, they've had two shutouts along the way they shut out state two to nothing, and then they beat three to nothing. So they'll be here in two weeks in buffalo represented the final somewhat of a household name. At least for for folks that might not follow the game that much feel like Jim Montgomery was the former head coach opera couple of years. So he he has ties to the NHL head coach of Dallas now. So they're one of the teams UMass another team that just this afternoon punch their ticket to the frozen four. So they're on one side of the bracket, and they're still one team one game going on right now that that will see who the final of the frozen fourteen Quinnipiac playing against Minnesota Duluth that.

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