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Now appoint hotels and full apartment blocks lucky said marriot's they like how did you transition it's just a matter of growing global years i've been doing this for you know are starting wednesday prima jules thirty years ago so you know you start off with small duplex his wall pledges and sometimes you know i get involved what if somebody had some money so and credit so i took advantage of that opportunity no a guy had a place and i do all the work of aegis for everybody cry i mean he building noone thirty years when you can rolling in numbers bigger and the handed what we goes to governor will let me take money rousing taxes were never in know but you still get credit liberal income properties live organ she's living in why everybody knows inside game is your i know one guy more emerging now else 20over you know you're in the busy and you try the other israeli such essentially like a compound in effect ya exactly that what life will use the re re in all of your person has pledged a role in the roller when you want mile zola whatever you is growing yeah see your real estate portfolio as it stands today from what i've heard on the latah south series it's summary around about the mark of two hundred million dollars i mean here above the rounder yet cable teich to what extent do you care about the karn real estate salko general market conditions like is that something that you give any thought to.

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