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Get her loves to me than a disrespectful way that's fine yeah wonderful it wasn't very good I like I liked it but I do I like that in that this movie's weird and it is yeah it's weird bad yeah you want to pop by movie yeah Robin Williams certified by the wall is all of all of what was the perfect casting sure but it's up it was a musical yeah it's a weird songs and dancing and Bluto we know so you know you could never said a word he said I was not very weird I was never a even as well as as a kid I was never a pop I found I did all of that provide a sailor and then this is stupid it should then the burgers for right now I just never resonated very much enjoyed pop I when I was there when I was a young and I and I like the cartoons quite a bit I don't know Scott Coddington Popeye has been rebooted for all the reasons I just said I don't just John doesn't like it that's a that's a generational thing man you can't bring a buy back yeah yeah that's it that's all I say bring pop I back I just don't know yes I do yeah okay yeah I have the courage to an IRA and what it is each the Spanish to make his muscles don't really like ready to save all of oil right now I see in the today's woke toxic masculinity there is no room the pop I would be able to be a minority woman that's about by would be replaced by like an avocado smoothie we've already gone down the road of having a thin Santa for crying out loud you know yeah they would just they wouldn't drink the avocados movie does make a strong it makes more sense a difference yeah it right right who is not a skill up better listener I'm wrong on the inside years grow course you can hear me.

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