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Carried him to victory in the Democratic Party primary. And his ties to the sort of African, American, political establishment on a personal level have been very important to sort of his success into into his. Life and career. You know a nuance. Is that the protest movement black lives? Matter is very much a movement of a younger cohort of African American. Activists who are not necessarily share their elders view of Biden, personally or politics, but the fact that Bhai is a white politician who has such close ties to the black community. Your close political relationship with the black community lets him do the sort of symbolic healing stuff that people like to see from leaders in times like this like what trump can't do. The best way. To bear loss in pain. To turn it into that anger and anguish the purpose. And Americans know what our purposes is a nation. and has to be guided. As to be guided. He has been catching some criticism about how he's approached race and especially policing in the past in his political career. Will any of that stick to him next to Donald? Trump I mean I think it's a tough one you know. Trump had a strategy going for sort of a one two punch of a message to black America. One was to brag about her African American unemployment was at an all time low, which was true. We've created one point three million new jobs for African Americans. Black American unemployment has reached an all time low and the history of our country. It's the best. Give. It was to hit by. Four some of his tough on crime stuff from one thousand, nine hundred. And the third was to note that he signed the bipartisan first step act, and so trump was going to be the PRAKOB candidate because he has a constituency lockdown will. Suggest to younger African Americans in particular that maybe the Democrats are all talk on some of these racial justice. Issues the killing of of George Floyd, the subsequent protests, the brutality of the police in addressing. Some of the protesters has all. made it more difficult for trump to run a campaign that's based on pure trolling. You know you kind of have to pick a side here and the fact is that while Biden's record is not for of anything that criminal justice reform could complain about it. It's pretty clear what side trump is on what side Biden is on so. More simplified situation politically. More with Matthew in a minute I'm Sean. Ramos Firm. It's today explained. It's Monday maybe you went to the grocery store over the weekend with your mask on gloves, and you got your food and you brought it back, and you were super cautious because all the covert and everything. That's still happening. But what if you didn't have do all that? What if your groceries just showed up at your door and you had a bunch of meals ready to go that life of course is possible because the Sun Basket Sun basket hooks you up with healthy delicious meals every single week. They deliver a box loaded with. With pre portioned organic ingredients right to your door, so you can throw the meals together whenever you're hungry. That's a great time to eat. I'm told and they're easy to prepare. You can go from boxing to eating and as little as fifteen minutes right now. Sun Basket is offering thirty dollars off your order when you go to some basket dot com slash explained and enter the Promo Code explained at checkout that is sun basket dot, com slash, explain and enter the Promo Code explained at checkout for thirty five dollars off.

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