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Is where this morning that the pink tax on women's military uniforms would be eliminated under a new proposal. Currently, women in the military paid Morfogen their uniforms than men. Now there's new legislation. It would eliminate the pink tax, and it would allow women to pay the same amount for the uniforms as man. Major sports teams in Northern California are now able to welcome back fans into the stands. But as a kfbk is Aubrey Aquino tells us the game plan for attending these events has changed. Good morning, Aubrey. What has changed for sports fans and the way they can attend and watch major sporting events in person. Good morning. At this point, we should all be well aware masks are required social distancing and spacing and stands are also part of the game now, as well as adjustments to allow for contact, less parking tickets and concessions. However, Sacramento River Cats general manager Chip Maxon explains proof of vaccination or a negative test are not required for entry to set her health part. The river Cats games being outdoors. We do not need to require proof of vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours, so we still are doing the pod seeding. The spaces are fans out appropriately gives everybody access to an ill They could move free and clear and they're not sitting next to somebody that's not in their households. Across the river in downtown sack at Golden One center, the Sacramento Kings have announced they're prepping to have fans indoors at the arena to watch their upcoming NBA games. However, one big difference is that prior to entry, fans will need to show proof of vaccination, either, showing receipt of both doses advisor or murdering a vaccine at least seven days prior to the event, or the Johnson and Johnson vaccine at least 14 days prior to the event or a negative cove in 19, PCR auntie gin tests completed Within 72 hours of the event. Okay, so obviously you have to prove all of these things to these two different organizations in order to get in the door. Let's talk about numbers right now, In terms of attendance. I mean, is there any indication how many people are there gonna be letting in Aubrey? Tickets and attendants are limited for any of these sporting events right now, and that's due to the current health and safety guidelines and how teams are structuring seating for physical distancing for the river cats in YOLO County, Maxon says. They're allowed a 33% capacity. But realistically, they would Max out at 20 100 fans, which is 22 23% capacity, which could change moving forward. We're hoping that maybe we can go down to a three ft spacing were hoping maybe there's opportunities to create vaccinated sections where we could go up to 100% capacity. He uses some things that we're hearing. Major league clubs are doing another minor league club are doing throughout the country. Maxon says his players, coaches and staff evolvement feeling great about seeing fans back in the stands cheering on the team, and they're all ramping up to be able to accommodate more fans in the near future. You know Aubrey of quickly before I let you go. You know when, when you go into these all these stadiums Now there's somebody searches that go on and so many requirements in terms of bags and things that you can bring in or can't bring in. Is that going to change it all. It is it's better Health Park because Maxine says, another change they're doing is guest can only bring in clear bags, and this is really similar to the policy that's been in place for NFL in PGA events, and it's also to avoid contact, then kinda just see through the bag at Golden one. They don't have the clear bag policy. But they do have size limits on the size of the bag You could bring in with you. Interesting. Okay. Are we think so much appreciate it. So we're getting back. By the way I was reading an article. This just shows you how different that this scenarios are. The Giants have have opened up their ballpark, and they've not been completely like overwhelmed because they believe the general manager's saying in the article. Maybe people are a little reluctant right now to get back in. But on the flip side this morning headline in just about virtually every California newspaper. People have been online trying to get tickets to get into Disneyland, and they were waiting for hours to get tickets so they can't wait to get back to Disneyland. Yes, and I think it comes down to some people don't know what's open. What's not, but now we're learning most. Everything is starting to starting to 5 50 years of time. Let's check in with Brian Noble CEO's role on Friday morning. Good morning, sir. Good morning. This report is right by the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency rolling pretty well getting around Sacramento and really nothing to hinder your drive out to the Bay Area. If you're super commuter on I 80.

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