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Sheikh ceo and more she's also a podcast her in hosts irl for mazzola and sword and laser without further ado please enjoy the wisdom of veronica belmont how is a failure or apparent failure set you up for later success do you have a favorite failure of yours this one is kinda tough to talk about on my favorite failure i guess i was hosting the season's six premiere of game of thrones for hbo i it was great outwardly but of course i made the mistake of going online afterwards and reading the comments super bad idea i spent what should have been a a really magical evening sitting in my hotel room sobbing into the phone with my husband but without feeling like really came certain t i had been casually thinking about making a career switch for the previous six months or so but i was scared of trying to do something i've never done before professionally so sitting there in that hotel room i thought why am i spending my time doing something that consistently makes me miserable why not finally just take that chance so i did i i stopped taking any freelance gigs i wrapped up all of my my video contracts and i spent all of my time learning about product management and figuring out where i'd best fit in so overall i mean it was a horrible night but it was also the impetus for something completely new and wonderful and i i don't know if i would have been able to really make that leap if i hadn't had such a horrible experience uh that particular night i i i can almost see myself just having spent the next year waffling on that decision um so it was nice to have that finality.

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