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Meals. Saints, Elissa, You're about 20 seconds behind me in the broadcast. Are you aware of what has happened yet? I'm not, I think literally. Red Zone just flipped over to the Bucks Saints game and Tom Brady has thrown on breaking touchdown pass of the day. In this case, it went the generous Jenkins. Oh, liken plays for the New Orleans Saints. It was like you were doing play by play for me, honestly, but we'll work on this 22nd delay thing for our next show, but a list of 24 to 7. Here's the reaction. Here's the reality I should say, and we work in a network to cover sports all day every day. The reality is that we are not going to act patiently. We're not going to react patiently with anything. What's the headline tomorrow? Given that Tom Brady has now thrown a pick six and the Saints are smack in the Buccaneers. Oh, man. Typically, I like to get punny with my headlines, so I might need a minute to come up with something, you know, like, really good. But I can tell you they won't be good because everybody in Tampa Bay was counting down the seconds. To this game, and unfortunately, this is what I was a little bit of Fredo was the bucks. Just not jelling the way that I think they will for five games into the season, But yeah, Tom, Obey not going Tio come home to a party. That's for sure. Two interceptions. What? So far and that one going for a pick six. Not great again. I don't think that this is indicative of what the Bucks will look like for the rest of the season because again, they're playing one of the best teams in the NFL right now in the New Orleans Saints. Obviously a big rival of theirs. I think when they faced this team again, it will look a lot different when they figure some things out. But you hate to see an interception from big Tom Brady field when I used to that, you know, sitting there smiling somewhere right now. I'm just guessing, but guessing just out. Zach's going to say maybe Cam Newton. Maybe Bill Belichick. Cam's got is yellow suit on sitting at his house in New England. Like Actually, you know, we only have a couple seconds here, but maybe about a minute before the next break here. Listen, let me ask you something about drip, right? I consider you to be an authority on all things drip. Wow. I think Cam suit today was out of this world. Awesome. You know the difference. But you know what The difference is between me and campus Cam. Could pull it off. If I were that people would be like, What do you like? Like like a street sign, like, Are you a yield sign, like Is this some sort of pun on your name or something? A bright, curious. George is a handler who wore the yellow suit. That's sort of what you would look like. Maybe. Yeah. So, um Cam suit was so Sweet, bright yellow suits. Camp swag is on another level That's Cam Newton and always has been always will be can will get into Cam Newton. And of course, we'll continue to talk about Tom Brady. But next coming up next we will revisit can performances debut performance for the Patriots who are now one? No, That's next on ESPN radio, ESPN APP. When you've got Tom Brady and you know that the.

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