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Of motion. Passion piece is news talk eleven thirty w I s n here's the fellow windows and doors of Wisconsin forecast. From the FOX six weather experts, mostly cloudy tonight, temperatures falling into the forties this evening. Get ready for showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday morning and then again late Wednesday afternoon. A high of fifty two some of those storms could be strong late in the day. I'm FOX six meteorologist, Tom walks. Listen to this show one time and you're hannitized. Sean Hannity is back on the radio. All right. Twenty five till the top of the hour. Eight hundred nine four one Sean if you wanna be a part of the program, some other breaking news is has to do with Judicial Watch which I think is very very smart on their part, and they've actually done a lot of good work. We just got back one of their reports what a week or weaken a half or so ago, and we've found out a lot of information of internal communications within the FBI when they actually discovered holy crap. Hillary Clinton does have top secret and classified information on this server, and they only sampled forty emails over sixty thousand of them thirty three thousand subpoenaed, then of course, destroyed because there's an underlying crime in the intent was to destroy the evidence. And so they've done a lot. Good work in this process. Tom fitne- and company. They have now announced.

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