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And like he keeps talking about Jackson Britney in an active way. I think because he's like jealous wants to get married and Arianna doesn't want to get married, and they don't like it. I hate when people take people's happiness, whatever whatever you have to say about it and like make it about them making nasty. I hate that that's saying meetings that's someone on their wedding day. I don't think there's anything more evil feeling. That's why when a girl text me like a week after my wedding singer, still ideas. Like, first of all, I didn't second of all fuck you. You know? Yes. Yes. Yes. I agree with you. And it's like I feel like even as where I can see the jacks. Change in episode. His whole approach his philosophy about life and Brittany. And his dad like is just on point. It's like he got it overnight. And so it takes something major like that judge a person and just like you've been friends with him for this song. If you're going to stay his friend this whole entire time. Even while he was a shitty person. At least give him the benefit of a doubt of the Dow when he's being a good person. And I really think the only person who understands that a saucy and I love him. She was like being so helpful with the party when she was like, Lisa called the ceilings cottage she'd ceiling, and he's so funny that is so funny, and it's like, why are have the nicest apartment when I know that the rest of them make more money than he does look home. I come from a nice money family, and I just feel like the in their contract that they're not allowed to move into an apartment that's more than two thousand dollars because it would be confusing because like Jack sang that after he bought the ring he needed money and wants to work at surrogate. Like, please can I mean, they're making like fifty gram episode. Yeah. But if he works at sir, he'll get paid more on my show. Lisa is such a fucking bitch. She can't just be nice when she was like, you will Jackson should check. If it's Cuba Konia. Fuck you. You know, what that's so rude. And I'm really like so overly savannah, prompt. They should change the show to pump. Roles originally go back to like this is stupid. Go home. You don't even work here. I totally agree. And she she's such a bitch. I can't eat. But also now in real life Jackson Brady are making wedding plans. They're getting married a Kentucky castle. I love them like seeing them. And watching Evans is like she is they're so happy. I love them so much. There was something else. I wanted to talk about remember maybe about James and his apartment and his countertops comes out like those countertop. Oh, I wanted to seize them. Kristen, oh, which is that also I think Khorasan like is really obsessed with James because if it wasn't for Christian..

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