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In the postseason upfront. Jeremi Grant, Paul Millsap Grant coming off playoff career High 26 Point performance, and Nicola Yokich is leaving Denver and points, rebounds and assists here in the postseason run. He will be in the middle and PJ, I guess the question is. Look. Denver finally got it. 3rd 20 point scorer for game. I don't think you can bank on Jeremy Grant coming up with another 20 plus performance, but someone's gonna have to step up. Be that Gary Harris or Paul Millsaps. The guy I'm looking for. Castillo Step up. Monte Morris has been very consistent. Jeremy has another good game, but I think they still need more for Millsap on certainly could use some offense. Gary Harris, who was so good on the defensive end. The Lakers in their gold tops. Gold bottoms trimmed in purple Lakers across the chest numerals in purple, the Nuggets second night in a row, going with the Black Younis, the snowcapped Rocky mountains on the front. It will be Yokich and Dwight Howard to jump center and the jump. It's happy is won by the Nuggets will bring it up from right to left Our officiating crew for Game four James Papers David Guthrie and Rodney Mozz bulwarks to the top to Jamal Murray's covered by quickly. Paul Millsap looking to facilitate from up top about seok with seven. Mary Dribbling with top dribbling beyond the arc tries to get it into Yokich tipped away by KCP Lakers in transition. KCP flips it up. Miss Danny Green can tip in. Denver escapes big miss because they got what they wanted to turn over the fast break, and it just missed the layup. Jamal Murray down on the baseline will pop up high here in the opening minutes of Game four. Go to Yokich out on the left, guarded by Anthony Davis takes him off the bounce of the little box of 36. Spin Baby Hook shot is in for the cola. Excellent patients by Nicola There was actually a second defender in his vicinity. But he's just so good with that little baby hook to nothing. Denver with the lead, LeBron James flips it to Danny Green gets back. LeBron little head of steam to the baseline Left will try a 20 ft jumper bounces out no good contested rebound. Howard trying to get in there Can't nuggets come away with it? Here's Millsap dribbling right to the free throw line to the left elbow and gets rid of it to Jeremy Grant off the career playoff. Hi Grant Going hard to the basket draws a foul trying to get a shot up. No good. And Jeremi Grant will head to the free throw line. Everybody talks about the shots he made, which they should. But the difference was him put it on the floor in attacking the rim at 12 free throws because he was so aggressive. Going to the rim. The trees were great, but it was the aggression, the free throws and, more importantly, putting the Lakers in the bonus. That was the difference. Dwight Howard picks up the foul his first France first free throw is good. One thing I would think about with Dwight Howard in the starting lineup go out have a little bit. He has been ultra aggressive. Why not test his defense of discipline and see if he can't bite on a cupcake or dribble drivers. He did their grand missing the second free throw. Howard grabs the rebound. Three Denver James Front court loop set to Anthony Davis off the bounce into the lane against Millsap puts it up in an has done a great job defending a very aggressive Anthony Davis there for the first Laker points. Three to Denver Minute 40 into this game. Murray up high trying to use the screen now stops pops and bags of 20 footer. Two times. They've run the two man game two times. Dwight has switched on to him the first time he passed it because Nicole at the mismatch. I want him aggressive against Dwight, two in favor of the Nuggets. Here's Davis Ball in his hands. Driving hangs, floats it in from 10 4 points for David. I thought we were going to see a lot of that. Not just a, D, H.

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