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These thefts and subsequent illicit sales. The company's top investigator. Ben dugan told the wall street journal that they were trying to control it the best way we can but it's growing every day and quote growing because of a massive surge in commerce during the pandemic and also growing because well amazon is kind of like thickly wooded forest easy for thieves to hide in and hard to see in a big picture way. Investigators think amazon doesn't do that. Great of a job of vetting. It sellers and the company often declines to share details about sellers. Unless subpoenas are involved that means almost anyone can hop on and sell a product whether it was sourced from a warehouse or Fell off a truck. Obviously this all tends to frustrate investigators when colorado police sergeant put it bluntly to the journal calling amazon quote super hard to deal with now to its credit. An amazon spokesperson said that the company does take steps to prevent illicit sales like closing suspicious. Sellers accounts or withholding funds from them and according to the spokesperson amazon spent seven hundred million dollars last year to combat fraud. It's a lot to spend on a problem. That will has no easy fix. In the meantime investigators for retailers like cvs will keep investigating and amazon will keep trying to deal with fraud attempts. One thing is certain though with billions of dollars in lost revenue at state. Neither company is going to forget about it anytime soon from wondering this is business worse daily. I'm your host. David brown written and produced by jessica. Your moscow our executive producers are jenny lower beckmann and marshal louis created by for non lopez.

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