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There are no fixed minimum fees, no ACH transaction fees and no withdrawal fees. One of the largest exchanges in the U.S., FDX U.S. is also the only leading exchange that supports both Ethereum and Solana NFTs. When you trade NFTs on FTX, you pay no gas fees. Download the FTX app today and use referral code breakdown to support the show. This week alone we saw news of two very different ends of the spectrum. As you mentioned, Philadelphia story came out that I found out about because Laura shin had tweeted about it because apparently the CIO of Philadelphia was listening to her podcast in this podcast. That's pretty cool. But that was how I found out about it. I think then you saw it and we're like, oh, and then but then on the other end of the spectrum, was mayor Suarez, who said that he is announcing that they were receiving their first ever disbursement from mine city coins, which was a total of 5.25 million. So an actual serious amount of money when it comes to when it comes to a policy like that. I guess one question is how much is this, you know, something like municipal bonds? There's been a concept of people investing in their community in a financial way for a long time. But this is, you know, is this just a change in kind of scale and speed or is it a fundamental change in kind? It's like apples and oranges. If you were to compare it to municipal bonds, I'd say it's a hundred X improvement on municipal bonds. And I'll tell you why. Municipal bonds are not held by citizens. Does anyone you know hold the municipal bond? Probably not. And the reason is interest rates are so low. Usually when you're making money on muni bonds, like the spreads are large because the city is about to go bankrupt. And so you really don't want to hold municipal bonds like large sovereigns and institutions do. And also, they're issuing debt, which not all debt is bad, but they're issuing debt that later has to be repaid by the city's taxpayers..

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