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It's It's escalating. Two and I don't know where it's going to stop me to see this. It's out of control the escalation for this and I don't see it getting any better. These people that are saying screw your freedom and they need you. Never. Do you understand? If you're if you're as if you're somebody who says this And you really mean it. Do you understand that You're never going to get along with everyone, because everyone is not going to get this. Forget about who's not getting it right now. Let's say some of those people. You're never going to be around everybody who's vaccinated. Don't it's never gonna happen. No, because the people say that they want to live in a dictatorship. They want authoritarianism. They don't care about freedom. They're they're not mentally or emotionally equipped to handle their own lives. Okay, so they want to tell other people what they have to do in the same sense that they want to be told what to do, because they can't process dealing with it and doing it on their own. I also want to say I want to add this. It's towards the end. The doctor insists the policy doesn't violate her Hippocratic oath. Set of ethical standards. Doctors pledge regarding the obligations of the patients in case you don't know she's still offering the option of telemedicine. She goes on to say or helping with referrals to other doctors. So that's where she's getting quote out of it. As far as her Hippocratic oath. Well, that's what you're saying. She's going to lose a lot of people from her practice, and I'm sure she's going to get a bunch of sheep that will end up going to her practice. Just for this principle. They'll be like, Hey, you know that Dr Pol their results only vaccinated people in that building. I'm going. Yeah, like, oh, she's so principal. She's so brave and stunning. Let's go see her look at her following the science. She's fantastic. Yeah. Break. Yeah. Hey, Before we run out of time, I wanted to get to the new Bishop, Sycamore coach saying we are not a school. That's not what Bishop Sycamore is. Oh, I was confused. I thank you for being honest, I thought, Well, I thought it was a school. Um, this is really yet another crazy twist. There's a new head coach and saying The high school, in fact is not an actual school, Tyron Jackson. He identifies himself on social Media is the new head coach at Bishop Sycamore. And he believed it was a mistake on paperwork that resulted in misconception that Bishop Sycamore High School He's a school. He described it instead as a post grad football academy, we're not a school. That's not what Bishop is. I think that's what the biggest misconception about us was, or that was our fault. Because that was a mistake on paperwork, he says. They were registered by the way as a non chartered, non tax supported school in Ohio. So somewhere there was loss in transit something translation. Something happened here. Well, it still doesn't take away from the fact that there was basically fraud committed to get him on TV that they lied their way on there. Don't know what, Like I don't know where that falls. If you're able to if there's some sort of an offense that you can punish them or let me put it this way. I don't mind that, Uh, you know, you come out and say you're not a school. Because the end result was It's not like Bishop Sycamore lied and misrepresented themselves, got on TV and pulled the stunning high school football upset of all time. They got their asses kicked. They got completely humiliated. Embarrassed to the point to coach. The other team pulled the dogs off at halftime. And so they got exactly what they deserve. Plus all the fallout from this. Listen, I truly hope that the I think there's some good intentions behind Bishop second more I do. I think they want to try to help kids in a disadvantaged position. Get some attention that they normally wouldn't and I support that. I think most people listening would support that. Or at least I hope they would just don't lie about being a school. So I think this is step one admitting what you are right. You are well. There's a report filed with the state Department of Education. Bishop Bishop Sycamore described itself as An innovative, academically accredited school and quote one of the best academic institutions in the country. Good Lord, and they featured a bell schedule, academic misconduct policy, school year calendar and transcript template. So that's quite a few misconceptions. That is a violent misconceptions. But no listen, though. Listen, who are good can come out of the bad is what I'm saying in this situation that If you just want an after school program for kids to learn football, Yeah, and get good guidance and tutoring that they aren't getting in their lives because they don't have a parent figures in their lives, And I say good for them between 75 80 students Tuition costs 2000 bucks. That's where it's at right now. That's what the schools had. As listed as he, You know, students to grand tuition 75 to 80 students, and we'll continue to follow. This is more crazy Things developed traffic.

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