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Frame that since the ignorance happy. Oh by and that will help you to you. Know get try to change these habits to gals not bad relationship. Whatever it might be you know buddy up with somebody you know somebody up and you know the also you good advice is anyone that is toxic. This is the time to divorce yourself from toxic people. Whether it's on the phone even in your environment need to Kaleen. How the divorce yourself from that situation or you put a lot of energy into getting some support if you can them to cooperate so that you can have support to change the direction of the relationship. This is an opportunity right now to do that but I think for individuals 'cause I I it's funny I I think I read some came across something I was reading the other day and it the woman was dealing with. It was a question too I think to whoever wrote the article. But how do I deal with A toxic friend or Asil. I know exactly what it was. No I was listening to another podcast that I like to listen to. And they had a A guest on there. I think maybe with a psychologist psychology background in one of the guests on the show said you know will tell me. How do I deal with people? Who are just assholes right now. Recall which is so funny that we're talking about that. We plan this conversation and I just had me And I didn't even hear whole pocket so I fell asleep when I woke up. This was the topic what they were talking about it. The time just me and the question was she said because I find that she says I find myself on the other hand people. I'm always trying to help the people that are assholes she says. How do I get out of bed? I think the woman said you know what you need to just say. No just take the call. Don't take the call separate yourself from those people were talking because bear impacting you now. And that's not even not like she's a professional coach or you know alive coach or psychologist or therapist She finds being compassionate to the people who are assholes and she's always giving that means. That assholes are takers. They're not givers takers so you yeah so you really sometimes just have to say no separate yourself not take that call being this woman. Sounds like she hasn't power. I need you have the power within you not to say to. You know Ease.

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