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You're going to jail or not I, don't know. So, let's say they decided to arrest you because you fail the test, they're pretty sure you're under the influence of alcohol. What happens to your vehicle? They will typically tow it unless you managed to park it legally in a place that it can stay. But, yeah, otherwise they call a wrecker and they tow your truck or your car and they They'll search it before they do that so sometimes. They find additional evidence against you when they're doing that. Either evidence that you're possessing something else in your car, you shouldn't have or They'll find you know empty. Alcohol containers or something like that that. Makes you look worse so that's? That's usually what happens to your car. You will also be held up nine first time offenders. O. Is you're you're just GONNA get out, but they will hold you in custody until you are at least under the legal limit they've got. Hold you till you silver up. What does Oh Armeane? Oh, released on your own recognizance meaning that you're not gonNA to have to pay money to be released from custody. You're released on your promise. To come back. Now, let's say that there was a child in the car what happens to? The child, they're not gonNA. Tell the car with the kid in it. Right. Yes, they have a specific yard where they take nothing but cars with small children in them and And they're. They're kept their and fed and watered until no. They don't do that first of all. If you have a child in your car while you're driving while intoxicated, it increases the level of your offense so Where that would normally just be a misdemeanor becomes a level six felony. If you have a child in the car Typically I believe what they what they try to do. Is Find the other parent so that or another? responsible adult who can come pick up the child. But if they can't horror. If there just isn't anyone that can come do that. Then, you know because for example chats. Grandma's also drunk or whatever Then, they call the Department of Child Services and the child goes into foster care at least for a little while so it it can have really devastating results and just really unfortunate situations can come up in that in that scenario. So. Let's say for example somebody was. Pulled over there being arrested for an Owi in it's the first time they've ever received such a charge. How bad is that for them? Like what can they expect as far as penalties and consequences?.

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