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And she and Fred were hyper focused on. International Communism less so on the threat of reds in America like McCarthy was in a lot of that stems from the fact that she'd been so heavily focused on foreign policy and foreign politics in college and soon after that she gets a platform in one thousand nine hundred sixty two. She hosted a fifteen minute. Radio Show on national security called America wake up and it was carried by twenty-five Illinois station so she was like a lady Bill O'Reilly in the radio days almost and the same year her religious conservatism really ignites further following the Supreme Court decision prohibiting state-sponsored sponsored prayer in public schools which is still a massive lightning rod for religious conservatives. Obviously yeah I mean. It's almost like she's just kinda gathering up all of her platforms. You know in the in the fifties and sixties and then in nineteen sixty four star takes off yeah. She referred would refer to this later as her most productive year of her life period. And that's saying a lot considering you know like we said by the age of twenty seven. She was already hyper political. So so what more could phyllis be doing well? She was talking to the New York. Times is Gina Belafonte about how in nineteen sixty four? She was as we mentioned President of the Illinois Federation of Republican Women She went to the Republican convention and she was also stumping on behalf of a Republican candidate for presidential nomination buried gold water and Goldwater made His name really by voting against the Civil Rights Act because it was desegregation at the time. That was freaking. All the conservative white people out and finally here comes Barry Goldwater. Who's like you know what folks I'll take a stand against this and Phyllis was like big old you might dude and she wrote this book more of a pamphlet really. She read this book though called a choice not an echo about how Barry Goldwater is. Do you put all of your Republican support behind. And also how? He's the only person who can effectively combat that international communist threat. She self publishes this book and she will brag for the rest of her life. She always says that she sold three million copies out of her garage. And whether or not that number is accurate it. Is it definitely galvanize? This group of similarly white religious conservative Republicans and particularly Republican women. Yes and it helped launch Barry Goldwater into the presidential race. He got the Republican nomination to run unsuccessfully against Democrat LBJ and You know I was curious about what was in. The book is a biography of him. Is it some sort of inspirational tract of literature? Talking about Barry Goldwater background. Well according to Elizabeth Colbert's Not a fan characterization from two thousand five. She wrote that A choice not an echo was a mixture of fact sensational accusations. Commonsensical truth and elaborate conspiracy theories that is brought together in a compelling but evidently bogus narrative. But it's a narrative that still a still remains today because it poses these very conspiratorial questions that still stoke a lot of angst among a lot of people you know on either side of the political spectrum really At the beginning of the book choice on an echo she bullets out questions for readers to think about of who really picks the president because according to beach laugh it's a secret cabal of powerful white dudes. She also asks. How political conventions stolen? Who are the secret kingmakers? And how do hidden persuaders and propaganda gimmicks influence politics? I mean if you think that. The whole lame stream media Fox News Hatred of the New York. Times etc is a new thing. No no pece laugh in a choice. Not An echo was calling out all of those Newspapers including the Atlanta Journal Constitution Elliott. Yeah as being in on this group of kingmakers okay and they would selectively report on the party knowing full. Well I guess that you know who was really pulling the strings and that's kind of at the core of this right wing populism of saying you know what they're these there these secret meetings going on and they just they're going to turn our country into assessable pool of of secular welfare nonsense already because of the new deal you know they're already terrified him about the new deal and I take the podcast on tour anytime soon. It should just be called. What what did you say? Nonsense heckler Cesspool of nonsense But I mean in this. In in this election cycle we've heard similar refrains from the left. Select their plenty of people who are as fed up as as pece laugh about kingmakers in the establishment. A right as fed up and also as borderline can and slash full-blown conspiratorial But something else that jumped out to me in a choice. Not An ECHO is how schlafly describes herself how she kind of lays out her author credibility at the beginning of the book and she says that she's devoted thousands of hours to the Republican Party which is probably true and she talks about how she did this at a great sacrifice to her family because she has six kids and are although she's still at the point is I don't think she has six yet. She's still having babies but she's on her way to six and this is in direct contrast to what she'll be saying in the seventies where there is no sacrifice all of a sudden. It's just what she did just as a hobby. It's just easy for me. I don't worry. I still managed to be a fabulous housewife and mother. Did we employ A FULL-TIME HOUSEKEEPER? Yes but she always brag that they did not employ a nanny right and that she home schooled each of her six children until they were seven and that she breastfed all of them. Which I'm surprised she even said the word breast didn't maybe she just pointed to her boobs and winked when editor kids. Like These. Yeah it is. That was something else that comes up in pretty much every profile of her and she breastfed her six children. Like okay. Okay. What you know. But that's part of her whole perfect housewife image as she cultivated. Yeah but even though a choice on an echo was very successful in getting Barry Goldwater to be that year's Donald Trump essentially And it was very successful for spotlighting. The potential influence of Phyllis schlafly because Goldwater lost so starkly to LBJ the GOP establishment Hashtag dudes. We're like you know what you're white right. Wing Ultra Conservative Movement. Stuff like stay in the corner. Obviously you're not going to help. The Republican Party is a whole. So we're gonNA steer things back more moderate and peace laugh like we're not going to give you like a position or anything because you're a woman so just keep doing your your woman thing so she did really get like the sexist shaft from the GOP not surprisingly. So you're saying that schlafly shaft yes schlafly the shaft but then schlafly turn around and shaft us. Oh Yeah in the seventy S. But we're not even they're not even there yet. Because that's the thing most people's recollection Phyllis Schlafly just starts with the era. You gotTa know all this stuff leading up to it to make it all make sense. So what's happened? What has happened? So Pece Laugh has gotten snubbed. Essentially she ran for presidency of the National Federation of Republican women because she had been running a state level organization. She went for the national position and they were like Nog girl. You wrote that book in your garage. Good for you but Your candidate loss. Oh no and that was a huge burn for her. Yo Yeah that was a huge burn and she manages though to pull a lot of the women in the National Federation of Republican women a way to support her because she starts publishing in nineteen sixty seven this weekly newsletter. The schlafly report And it started out with just about three thousand subscribers and a lot of those were women that she had met in this National Federation of Republican Women As well as Women from her other organization that she'd been leading But as we'll talk about in the second half of the PODCAST. She does pull some amazing political and religious based maneuvering to massively raised the number of subscribers. Yeah and just in the background politically. We got to mention that in nineteen sixty six even though just two years earlier hyper conservative. Racist Barry Goldwater lost so famously to Lbj but that year you start to see conservative. Republicans winning some significant congressional and gubernatorial races including one Ronald Reagan becoming governor of California so schlafly launching her newsletter. The next year is really banking on the rise of this conservative movement which up until then had had been this kind of niche pocket of people But she starting to see it mainstream because really just because like white people were getting really scared about black people and feminists and three years. After PECE LAUGH LAUNCHES THE SCHLAFLY REPORT. She runs for Congress again and fails again but despite her faltering start Phyllis about to bust out and never looked back. That's right and we're gonNA talk about that.

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