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Exactly what you need for your your making model what's recommended and they have it on the shelf so that's probably what I would recommend now you probably need were soon need an oil change at all you've got to do is go to your local independent shop and tell me that you want a full synthetic oil full synthetic oil and that should take care of it yeah I am damn operators sailor should I can't get into BGP service you're talking about well I would recommend that for example you've got store automotive in Towson are they do the BG services right there and you get a BG oil change and put the M. O. A. the motor oil additive in there with it and that way I would recommend that how many miles you have on your C. R. V. E. you know what it had like forty four thousand on it okay man yet and I wanted to and I had a button on there and it took out all the knowledge forget how to get the miles yeah it's just a button it'll it's still there don't worry and you just need to get it back on what's called your odometer they it probably went to your trip odometer which happens a lot so that that's very simple when you take it over to star automotive you could just tell that no switch it back over for you without a problem but if you have less than fifty thousand miles on your car okay and you get a BG will change from a from star automotive what they'll do is they'll put you in the computer system with BG and you'll get a four thousand dollar warranty on your engine and all you have to do is go there every five thousand miles and have your synthetic will change down there and they'll give you that four thousand dollar warranty extra no extra charge right there so it's fantastic and it's a again a freebie that BG gives because they know that the engine walls going to protect your car.

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