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You're you. You're eliminated this week of Minnesota Windsor. Are you lose your out? Right. And all likelihood you're going to lose the game. Now Tyler heineke at quarterback. If you have Cam Newton, you're all likely you're going to lose the football game. But house Ron Rivera h shows you Rivera did not want to shut him down. Rivera's thinking about his job and him as head coach down in Carolina. And it was the owner and the GM. Rightfully show thinking about where they are at what they need to do for their organization Heller. They they need to take long term. What are they doing? Makes you wonder. I mean, you know, hey that we still got a chance they'll put out there. We're going to try and win every game. It's like all right. Look, there's two weeks left. You haven't won in forever. I mean. Just jot it down I grew Brad. Thank you brother are moose. You got seeing a little bit see about an hour. All right. You got. It have yourself a good morning. I just didn't understand it from a Carolina perspective two days ago from rod Rivera. But I think I I think you have the understanding now on this Thursday morning is that Carolina and Rivera was thinking about his future. And the Carolina Panthers were thinking as an organization about their future. When I mean by their future is making sure that their franchise quarterback is trying to get that shoulder back to healthy as quickly as possible and get them set re get himself ready for the two thousand nine hundred campaign something that we said yesterday. I mean, it's just logical sound all be morons everyday life. Let's be smart. Sometimes you could end up making the smart decision. And ultimately it might end up being the wrong decision. But you thought it out. At the time you made it. It was the most logical choice. And when you are when you are a billion dollar franchise. Maybe just short of that. But you get the point when you are an NFL owner. What's the one thing you want when you look at your team? Now, it's not a big left tackle were running back or wide receiver wanna make sure you have a franchise quarterback in and I guess Cam Newton's got some limitations at the quarterback spot. He's never thrown to a high percentage over the course of his career. But you've got yourself a franchise quarterback. He's the face your team. He's the face of Carolina panther for Manny football. Machado, it's gonna be simple. Do you want the most amount of money? Well, that And draw the most you happiness want to protect for that. you. I mean, look what the Or? Indianapolis Colts did with Andrew luck. And it Do cost you wanna them play a year the place that year. you wanna Plus. play and that you would love to play? Would you be willing? They give out that they didn't And protect I know it's them. They didn't it's have an understanding, very very difficult you know, protect to me the for asset. me thinking Make about sure sitting that he's down cozied. at the table. Make sure you keep them up. Right. Make sure you keep And them signing healthy. a two I hundred get seventy it. five Football's million a tough dollar man's contract game. over I the get course guys of the play next hurt eight years, guys play injured. they go about But that. what do you wanna I mean do that is a you? glorious Invest day in a picked up running back. You or want to make say sure a offense nine have year lie. two hundred seventy Open five up the million holes. dollar Invest contract in a quarterback. or a nine You've year got two a franchise hundred seventy quarterback. million You wanna make dollars. sure you have an Whatever offensive it might libraries be. not taking I mean that unnecessary is an hits unbelievable repeatedly over amount of money. and over and over again when you have a quarterback But that's if hurt. the Yankees And say for all argument's likelihood sake offer you to seventy even if he was able and to continue the Philadelphia to play Phillies hurt come you at are you going with three nowhere. ten You've lost six would you straight be willing games. to walk away The two from thousand forty eighteen million season dollars for all intensive purposes is in over. order to play for the team Shot that you've been dying the a play man for down. in the city that you want to represent or would There's you say no other choice to make. forty million's forty million? But that you get into what's right for the organization. What's right for the individual? I mean, And where I'd I think love about to the tell individual. you. And I think I about grew the head up coach of Rivera. I grew up. I was I was born in And queens. do I you think grew he up. wants Rockland to go down county, with Tyler my mom with from Brooklyn havoc at my quarterback? dad from New York City. So I have I've lived No. in the Tri But state area side they from don't four years up in he Syracuse, doesn't. New York, I've lived in But the Tri what state they said area yesterday my as entire true, life. he gives them the best possible I've been around position. the city, It whether it be puts queen's them in the best Brooklyn, possible position a win on Bronx, Sunday. You know, Manhattan, why whatever he it might be could Staten throw Island the ball? in my entire life. When I grew up fan. He Not can throw the arrogant the football. Yankee fan that a lot of people like to hammer home, the Which one that for thinks Cam the Newton organization can do who no wrong would that sore shoulder. beside me. I'm not It's that a guy. lost art form. Now, you are not that I, And but we I saw have met it on that Monday guy. night. Yes. You have met that guy that guy shows up at about seven Listen, thirty this I hate morning. being right? All the time last week. We called Eastern it. D Filipa four was thirty an issue Pacific. in in Minnesota, basically four hours But later is fired I'm not that yesterday kind of a Yankee yesterday fan. morning, But what we tell I you am can't is. moons. Gonna get has I have an got understanding to get shut down of by the Carolina Panthers if I sat about there, eight and hours I grew of. up, No, listen and I that thought about about six playing and a half for hours a particular later. He's organization. getting shut down by the Carolina Panthers. It's tough being right? All the time. In It really is. today's But marketplace. we are ahead of Maximizing the curve year my on value. Taza the moose I will tell on you even though CBS dot sports growing radio up Monday in a diehard through Friday, Yankee six to fan. nine AM Easter time. But honestly, it's the right decision. If I sat there and It free is agency. the right decision. And I It said was the well right this decision teams for willing Minnesota. to pay me forty Look more how they million played dollars. last week with and I I get it was is the Miami with you. Dolphins. I think And it'd they be sat very down a very hill difficult nine times to walk away over the from course the more of the game. money. And that Miami I Dolphins really offensive do. line was a complete utter embarrassment. But I could with visit New was York shaver or court whatever at city you at might be thinking as about offensive I coordinator. could visit They a place looked in a the lot Aussies. better I authencity could make that place as well. to my You know, offseason why they got home back when to I running could go the play football baseball something someplace Zimmer else. wanted to do when you've got Alvin. Cook. But I think that's the decision because Manny Machado is And not going when to you have look it both. at Carolina, you This can hold is onto a different hope all Yankee you want. team under a different business model. Sometimes Not that they will not the spend last man money, or woman but in they're the room not holding gonna go onto hope is lost. where they should not go in You've contract. got to be See realistic the old and school logical Yankees and the would only have decision matched Carolina the offer that had Patrick to make Corbin got with the the Washington only decision. nationals. They were left with They no other would have choice. said. All right. Shut Well, we're the all man willing down. to offer five he comes back to I them don't and care says what we he's telling got a six you year one hundred and forty million care dollar what deal his teammates with the Washington and listen nationals. to the players in that They locker room probably yesterday said the on couple wall. that We I matched heard that will you sign with basically us. You've got thought that was the right a decision half hour because to decide. they know what they're saying. We all we're And watching. if the answer that is yes, they probably would have matched the offer. It That's the was painful keys from to watch. twelve fifteen ten years ago, maybe even five Painful years ago. to watch. That's not the Yankees. Now. Carolina finally came to their senses. And not that Good there for the GM. and they'd say Good change for the owner. in their business model, Right. but Call shut the it's man not down. like they've gone No back other and choice. say, well our Eight payroll five five is gonna two go one from two four two CBS hundred thirty million eight five dollars. five We're cutting two one it two back to four all two about two seven one hundred forty is million your dollars. number to call. We're We've got looking a to special maximize Christmas profit every song single year holiday and develop edition draft and develop of young BCS players and have them has be been working our on stars. this for a.

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