Dr John, Mike Reiss, Yushin discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Is this weak men, Yushin said Democrats want more than $1 trillion for state and local governments. He described that as a bailout and said, that's not gonna happen. And firefighters say a wildfire burning north of Grand Junction is displaying extreme behavior despite low winds in that area, the Pine Gulch fire that was first reported Friday. It's thought to have been caused by lightning. The fire expanded to about 15 acres as of yesterday, fueled by extremely drive as vegetation along its path. Fire officials say the fire not controllable from the ground and planned to use air tankers to try to stop it from spreading going appear on Colorado's morning use a conversation with one of the voices of Iraqis. Mike Reiss, How about those Rockies? When I talk to him next? About what they're looking like what they see from their perspective? We're going to have that conversation in a moment, Dr John more, See what he's seeing from your perspective. I'm seein gridlock on that He's found I 70 drive. You're jammed up solid before I 25 out to a crash it bright. A couple of exits. They're just east of I 25. Westbound I 70. They clear that crash it steal Vasquez. But I'm seeing gridlock on westbound I 70. Coming from Havana terribly slow Drive into downtown. You've also got a pretty slow drive onto 25 South bound from I love getting down past Park Road into the tech center. Parker Road's real heavy saws that drive on a rap. Oh, cnd for 70. Look good. Those new free lanes on sea for seven have been a joy, huh? They're going to start charging in a couple of weeks. Your drive on Sixth Avenue has been busy all your eastbound route because of bright sun this morning and cleaning crash it 56 Penny Boulevard on 56. This report is sponsored by the podcast Forgotten the women of war as Iron.

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