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I'm Steve cave in Alabama's Republican governor says she'll review the issue before deciding on whether to sign a Bill that affectively outlaws abortion in the state. CBS jury Duncan is in Montgomery Bill makes performing an abortion a class a felony. Doctors would face up to ninety nine years or life in prison. Unlike measures in other states, it would not punish women receiving abortion. If it signed into law opponents vow a legal challenge supporters want that legal fight to carry all the way to the supreme court to test the Rovers his way decision that legalized abortion reports say Dallas police have been searching the offices of the city's Roman Catholic diocese earlier this year church officials released a list of priests credibly accused of sexual abuse against children, the Trump administration issues, a call for some Americans in Iraq to leave as tensions rise with its neighbor. Iran CBS's Steven Portnoy. Evacuation. Order goes out to all non-emergency personnel at the US embassy in Baghdad and the American consulate inner Beal Trump administration officials have in recent days been describing imminent security threats posed by Iran, but many of America's allies aren't buying it a British general here in Washington told reporters at the Pentagon yesterday that there's been no increased threat from marine backed forces in Iraq or Syria. Congress hearing from the head of the FAA today on the grounded Boeing, seven thirty-seven, max jetliner Daniel L, well, told members of the house transportation committee that the aircraft were grounded when a link was established between the crashes of lion air and Ethan opium airlines flights, and it's important that you establish a link because you then have what you need to mitigate to underground or to remove the prohibition order, and when might that happen once we are absolutely convinced of the of the safety return to service, and we'll do it. Bill Rakoff CBS. News Capitol Hill. Fires have made Mexico City's famed air pollution even worse. CBS's? Adrienne Bard is among the twenty million people dealing with it doesn't have any blue. It'd it's whitish its grayish, and you can feel it in your lungs to there's kind of a heaviness, and one of the main problems are the is it's very irritating to the eyes. In fact, the mayor of Mexico City told people don't wear your contact lenses today popular video video on Twitter today. It shows Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger, dancing and going through stage moves with music in the background. The seventy five year old rocker is on the men from heart valve surgery..

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