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This is NPR news I'm sherry Glaser with this KCRW news update the mayor of San Luis Obispo speaking out about harassment she's faced while in office mayor Heidi Harman shared her personal story after study came out from a journal called the state and local government review showing that female mayor is more than twice as likely as male mayors to experience psychological abuse and almost three times as likely to experience physical violence here she is speaking Dan P. R. about online attacks against her comments on my looks whether other sexualized nature or body shaming and those types of things calling me stupid crazy fat she says her office has also faced physical attacks a man entered my office and jumped over our security wall assaulted my staff and had to be taken down by my city manager everyone is is okay but the office is traumatized Harmon was elected in twenty sixteen she says she thinks president Donald Trump has made the situation worse for women and local office but she hopes stories like hers do not scare women away from running for office but rather inspire them to change their community you're listening to morning edition I'm on all nations unto the point did CNN wait too long to have democratic candidates about climate change I really wish that the gene and had a listen to people and said why don't we have an entire debate on climate change this is the final issue of our time we hear what the candidates finally had to say and what is Chief Justice John Roberts role in the trump impeachment on our to the blood type cast if your morning commute.

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