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M. A. D. D. health or visit MAV D. dot org traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Brian noble's news ninety three point one K. at VK here's a look at your forecast low fog this morning clear skies in the afternoon highs are gonna be in the low sixties in the valley than tomorrow sunny with highs in the mid sixties in the valley then over the weekend Christina is sunny with highs in the upper sixties to lower so all right that's gonna feel good on this rain let's get over to our personnel our technical producer upper little news from your neighborhood this morning good morning okay waiting on Albert's microphone and that's not working so hard his head you said quite the morning I will tell you right now I feel really bad for Albert this morning he got into work and the whole board went down on it now and somehow I mean honestly how he's been able to get this show on the air in the last eight minutes is amazing yeah he's he's have been to you know make it up as it goes along because nothing seems none of his buttons are working over there so we're we're gonna get over its buttons working and we have time if you if you believe this if you don't believe it China is reporting no new local infections for the first time since the outbreak began no infection so on the face of it that's a great headline what do we believe it's coming out of China right I mean so three reporters from The Washington Post New York Times and the Wall Street journal who uncovered and reported that China had been sending out wrong or dis information following the corona virus outbreak in China were kicked out of the country for reporting that so that's what they do in China when you report what really goes on the ticket out well that this is coming from I mean I don't know this is coming from the government's maybe they're like and they are trying to I don't know that their new but they make the delineation that it's no new local infections so they do have some infections from people who traveled abroad and then came back to the country so if we take it on its face right we believe it that's it and that's a great trend okay that means that if we talk about the wave right the parabolic yes wait in the way they're on the downside south Korea's on the downside maybe Italy is headed in that direction on the downside soon yeah the fact is is that the United States we are seeing a trend up nowhere in the crosshairs right now yes we're definitely are and and their countries behind us that have like Australia New Zealand they're shot their borders well there within the next twenty four hours well that's new today yes it is so that that's brand new they just made that out they just made that decision within the last in a few hours okay so there are countries now they're watching what's happening here and they're preparing so look I mean we're in for the next week and a half two weeks this is going to be extraordinarily eventful mmhm well it's changing think about what we were all doing last week at this time just stop and think about what you were doing last week I know in one week I now believe it is so one of the hot commodities out there hand sanitizer yeah so if you can't find any or maybe it was want to save some money we're gonna tell you step by step how you can make it at home and it really is easy that's coming up in three minutes the faxing connected coronavirus freaking information as it happens first hand information in depth coverage will be ready Sacramento's news eighty three point one K..

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