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Shout out the WJR. Detroit Michigan for sure. 7 60 AM radio. We broke the record last month for most funded loans in Michigan, Jordan Saucedo. He seems to answer a ton of these calls and translate for Michigan. They're just setting the bar so high for this stage. I'm a big family. I like Michigan. I told you guys he used to drive out there all the time with the car shows we used to sneak behind the pain. It's back to get out there just to go see some new forwards. And then also Portland shout out to Kxl one on 1.1. I know the best news out there is not these mortgage rates. I'm going to admit the biggest news for you guys this week was Damian Lillard's coming back. I'm so pumped for you guys. That's loyalty. That means the world as I get older loyalty is everything to me and I got to tell you guys that guy could go anywhere and become a champion. But he's staying home. And that means a lot. That's like Barry Sanders as the Calvin Johnson's of the world at a tie back in Detroit and hook my boys up But the end of day everyone's loving the rates right now, like there's nobody that's gonna turn. You know, a negative I'd towards a 1.75% 15 year fixed Now I get it. You guys are all asking for the 30 year Fixed 30 year fix Is rock bottom seems to be in the mid twos for select scenarios. But right now the main offer the main advertisement non cash out. Conventional 1.75% 15 year fixed the A P. R s at 1.94. Now, even though more and more people, thousands of thousands keep pouring in to do this, We're keeping our turn times at as little as 10 business days. We try so hard to make sure the.

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