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If you're starting off on the inner loop on top side of the Beltway, the delays have lightened up significantly, however, still got the work zone there as you make your way over towards Connecticut Avenue looks like most of that is going to be along the left side of the road, so to speak to the far right. Same story on the outer Lopez make way past Connecticut Avenue. Most of that activities on the left hand side down on the bottom side of the Beltway outer loop as you make way past ST Barnabas Road. Over towards branch out to the right lane is blocked for that work zone. And hearing over the scanners. The interview with the Beltway is dealing with an accident scene on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge itself, reports of a spin out It looks like most of the activities on the right shoulder. But, uh, getting reports that the folks are swerving tonight as they make their way past that accident scene, make sure the far left hand side of the road to get past that down in Virginia. I 66 dealing with the usual work zones there on the eastbound side. Basically that as you make it past 29, you're going to see most of that activity over on the left hand side, same story as weekly pass the Fairfax County Parkway. Only the far right lane gets you by their And has continued over towards Nutley Street. The delays begin at 1 23, and only the far right lane gets by there in Fairfax reports of an incident there along Fairfax Boulevard past Old Lee Highway that's going to be in the Fairfax circles are preceded caution. They're also getting reports of accidents near Old Mill Road near Huntsman Boulevard will be aware between the Beltway's I 95 the BW Parkway. Looking fantastic. Here in Maryland, I 2 70 corridor looks good as you make your way across the American Legion bridge and seeing any delays so far, I'm Carlos. Ramirez. W T o p TRAFFIC in YOUR busy Thank you, Carlos. Now, the four day forecast from storm team for meteorologists Samara theater temperatures in the low nineties tomorrow for your Monday mostly sunny skies. Plenty of sunshine in store.

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