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Or riot panel I'm Michael Barr More ahead I'm John Stan salary sports The Yankee comeback fell short The winning streak came to an end in Toronto the mets lost to Miami That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg daybreak on Bloomberg 11 three O New York Bloomberg 1999 one Washington D.C. Bloomberg one O 6 one Boston Bloomberg nuns 67 Francisco Syria's XM one 19 and around the world on Bloomberg radio dot com and via the Bloomberg business act Good morning I'm Nathan Hager And I'm Karen Moscow and U.S. futures are rising again this morning Let's see if they can keep it up this time around It are coming up to 5 O one on Wall Street and we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures up 31 points down futures of 242 and NASDAQ futures up a 109 ten year treasury down one 32nd You have 1.52% yield on the two year .29% and I'm executed for 10% or 32 cents at 75.5 a barrel Nathan All right Karen we'll get back to those rising markets in just a moment But we begin this morning in Washington where senator Chuck Schumer has struck a deal with Republicans to avoid a government shutdown We are ready to move forward We have an agreement on the CR the continuing resolution to prevent the government shutdown Schumer said a last minute vote on the measure today here with the latest is Amy Morris from our Bloomberg 99 one newsroom in Washington Thank you Nathan The government was set to run out of funds at midnight tonight but Democrats have brokered a deal in boats are set for later this morning to keep the government open until December 3rd But this deal does not address the larger crisis of the debt ceiling Treasury secretary Janet Yellen has warned lawmakers that treasury will be out of options come October 18th causing the first ever government default The Democrats want to bipartisan deal to suspend or raise the debt ceiling Republicans say they will not support it In Washington I'm anymore as Bloomberg daybreak Hey thank you President Biden's infrastructure package is also front and center this morning House speaker Nancy Pelosi has said a vote on a bill today despite democratic infighting over the measure Progressives want the package tied to the president's larger economic agenda move opposed by moderates and Republicans We spoke with GOP congressman James comer of Kentucky You're not voting on simply one bipartisan infrastructure Bill Your vote on two bills now that have been coupled together and it's just unacceptable to just about every Republican up here what's in that budget record hull Congressman James comer spoke with our Washington correspondent Joe Matthew on Bloomberg sound on catch the program weekdays at 5 p.m. eastern on Bloomberg radio And as the infighting over those bills continues care and president Biden attended last night's congressional baseball game to lobby for his agenda The president handed out ice cream bars during the charity game at nationals park as he tried to broker a deal among Democrats and for those keeping score on the game It was a victory for Republicans They won for just the second time in the last 12 matchups They're a Nathan President Biden is also waking up to a foreign policy conflict this morning North Korea's Kim Jong-un is targeting The White House with a verbal assault just hours after its latest missile launch and make it the details from Bloomberg's and Baxter We haven't heard much from Kim over the last few months Recently he's gone back to testing missiles and is asserted that the latest one is boosting his nuclear weapon effort Now he says the actions of the past 8 months of the U.S. administration have clearly shown U.S. Military threatened hostile policy toward North Korea has not changed at all Washington's North Korea policy is becoming more cunning saying he would step up new weapon developments to deter any possible military provocations by hostile forces In San Francisco I'm at Baxter Bloomberg daybreak All right Ed thanks Let's turn back to markets now We're inflation and supply chain concerns Do remain front and center this morning but the biggest names in central banking are saying those concerns will likely fade Bloomberg's John Tucker joins us live with the details Good morning John Good morning Nathan taking part in a virtual panel event fed share Jay Powell reiterated the current spike in the rate of inflation is temporary Current inflation spike is really a consequence of supply constraints meeting very strong demand But Powell also says it's difficult to see how big the effects will be or how long they will last His comments were echoed by European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde Bank of England president Andrew Bailey says the big challenge now is how to get through this period of uneven growth lie the New York on John Tucker Bloomberg daybreak John thank you The economic outlook for China is also in focus this morning The country's official PMI reading contracted in September for the first time since the pandemic began The details from Bloomberg daybreak Asia anchor Brian Curtis The data reflect a power crunch that has hit an already slowing economy The PMI declined to 49.6 from 50.1 in August against an estimate of an even 50 The non manufacturing gauge improved to 53.2 That was well above the estimate And the taishin index of smaller companies came in at 50 right on the button No one is happy about a contracting PMI but in some ways there's resilience here At least 20 provinces had restricted use of electricity in September I'm Brian Curtis Bloomberg daybreak All right Brian thank you So we have inflation concerns a slowdown in China Those are some of the many concerns on Wall Street today But what are the biggest market risks Bloomberg's ready to young joins us live with more Good morning Good morning Nathan Bloomberg news is asking some well-known names on Wall Street what they see as the biggest risks for investors Now while we hear a lot about inflation concerns Cathy wood at ark investment management says she sees deflation as the biggest danger The traditional GDP numbers we're going to be seeing are going to be very low And growth will seem very scarce I think it will proliferate over time Kathy wood says her concern is tied to supply chain issues and a lack of innovation from some companies More on her comments coming up in our next hour Plus the view from Guggenheim investments chairman Scott minor and.

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