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Asked would peppy or P fock been better choices over Haji or feda. Herc. Very, very difficult to be critical of Haji when he gets a World Cup goal, right? Yep. But there were moments when you thought maybe a different type of player would be best suited in today. Jesus Ferreira, which is just so crazy to me that you would count on him so much, Greg Barr halter, that was his man. If you said Greg Warhol had one player up front that he trusted, it was a suicide. And he only went to that well once, and it was in the most important game. And he pulls him at half. In certain times, especially with Josh Sargent whom I was my de facto number one couldn't go. Would have been just so crucial to you, just inform a player that can drop him until his lines that could combine a player that's got to add a tough spot before. Not being able to go to them. And not having them here, that was difficult for me to understand. It felt like the number 9 decisions were based on profile instead of form. And we talked about it during the game. It felt like instead of Greg berhalter bringing his three biggest hammers, he brought three different tools that he could use in different situations. Was that the wrong approach? Of course. Again, I will remind you this is what we do. I know. We work in TV and we sit here and we this is what we do. And yes, knowing what we know now, more informed players, goal scorers, which are always of value, especially a guy like Jordan P fuck, that's proven a score goals in many different ways. And in different setups, he has value. I know you can say the form or whatever, but you just use the guy in his data who the last time that he actually played a game was October 23rd. In Major League Soccer. So that form that you're talking about. It'll take time to get them there. It goes out the window. Right. So a lot of different things that didn't sit well. Well, at the end of the day, you know, guys like Ricardo Pepe and Jordan people will always be able to. Let's get to our next question here. On check the mentions on

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