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The ugly i even be one hundred forty million dollars yet i'm hoping the next contract that the radio station we can come close to the south end and i show up i will show up i will be little communities no help as much as i possibly can joey benefit charity i got a tuxedo i come early i stay asleep at his best as i can sum how in middle of all this if you do care and you were quote unquote social war he just social warrior the if you want to help out those less fortunate get off your get off your knee get up and you go into the heat of the battle and you you help out the community that you think is that we're there is injustice in your mind i am silk confuse how the sat now the president's assists one thing he just goes okay you know the equals of missile bs and i'm thinking that are much george pat does what he drc's scott the movie pat an and once they see that and the eagles that we agree with that and of course the media latched onto the in the nfl as not too and you want to know the truth i could care less i could care less about a football player i couldn't care less i don't i really could can i just don't get it i don't understand it and now it's all the rage in who came out and who wasn't supposed to come out and did the hook the football players their foot the spoiled little bradley football players who don't even realize the gift of god that they've been giving the they've been given the gift a gift for from the lord the percentage of those who complain the national football league at that speed with that power with that precise without precision in an and execute what they do in the pope of your number once again number to you football player number three shut up just shut up oh mahdi it's so out of control their full poor play and i think the.

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