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. How old's the first time home buyer? It's a record. I'm Jeff label. Three 18. Time for traffic here's Dave. On the beltway in Montgomery county, a loaded concrete truck has overturned a spill reported and because of where the truck landed on its side in the middle of the travel lanes, all lanes on the inner loop are expected to remain shut down for an extended period of time. On the interloop of the beltway with traffic jammed from two 70 and three 55 beyond Silver Spring, the diversion of traffic is at university boulevard. All traffic on the inner loop must take the ramp to state one 93, university boulevard with all lanes blocked at the overpass with the concrete truck on its side. All lanes are now open on the outer loop, some of the responders were working across the Jersey wall on the left, but we're told all lanes on the outer loop are open, nonetheless, rubber necking will be significant. Now is the time to start planning your work around in Montgomery county. We are expecting very heavy bailout conditions to start developing on university boulevard on Georgia avenue through Kensington on Connecticut avenue. So far, on 200, the ICC, no delays reported between two 70 and I 95, no delays reported on two 70 or 95 north and south of those interchanges, Baltimore, Washington Parkway, having your 32. Route 55 at the bay bridge. In the district I two 95 northbound slow towards suitland park wait was only one lane getting by road work in Virginia on 95 southbound heavier at the Aga Khan, the ramp to go east on Dale boulevard toward rip on landing was blocked. And northbound on 95, the work zone after centerport Parkway is clear. Bo pad electrical leading commercial electric contractor is celebrating 50 years and wants to thank their customers and employees serving Maryland, Virginia, D.C., and Pennsylvania visit Bo pad electric dot com. I'm Dave dildine WTO traffic. We are blessed with a spectacular day here in Washington. Let's go to chuck bell. The sunshine is back and the temperatures this afternoon will be in the upper 70s to near 80°, record

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