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So i'm i'm still befuddled by that i mean to shawn watson was like was the closest thing that we've seen since andrew lock in going into the draft if on the patriots yoon start what do you need help that let's go defensive end corner linebacker left tackle nate soldiers gone i mean you do need a wide receiver but not in the upper rounds you can get one of those guys later but you need a lot i mean the patriots defense got absolutely exposed by backup quarterback last year and kohl's exposed six seven seven seven nine seven 937 bob in newton you're up next on w e but at night what's up the point being is what's the point of trading g you might as well hold on okay right bob i walked i know if we get i first pick i'm with you i would get rid of the second but if you look at you talking checking second i might take you okay so bob here we go let's let's compromise you would take a second round pick for rob gronkowski almost at this point with all this nonsense yeah i almost what the yeah and then we'll give us you know a high second round pick if you get it from you know one of those teams in the top you know so thirty three thirty four thirty five somewhere yeah my do it but you don't wanna pay anyone anyways so this second all picks like bouchon 'cause they don't want to have the guaranteed money you know the five year guarantee and all that nonsense that they always you know that's why they always treat down because they don't have to give the guaranteed right for they always do that notch they i i assume i hope they're going to go up it's gonna down like you said they have enough immunization now to go up if they want what about like job or somebody like that bob bob you.

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