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Know what I don't even want to get into the headlines. We got lots. Don't have to get into the headlines Right now. Let's get into it. That's nothing power. Thanks Jim now really stevie okay now really good man. How're you get good now? Really Steve We. If we really do tell the truth and be transparent we got nothing for today. That's right we we get together and do that doesn't sound very good. That's not much of a story there. What do you got Steve? Yeah I got another. I got nothing so I'm trying to. I'm trying to think back toward it but those usually make for great show Stevie Those usually make great shows. No Bullshit. You're not a minor non bullshit show today. It's the end of the week our last show of the podcast week and as always. I don't WanNa do any editing Probably have to do a little but Yeah those those tend to be kind of loose shows sometimes workout. Sometimes they don't sometimes the dreadful but let's see how this goes yeah. I know how bad it's going to be looking going okay. I hope fifty minutes has gone by. Note Minute fifty minute fifty so stevie. Here's what I did last night. So I'm disgustingly fat. Okay now I've got. I've got to call the C. Pot. Okay the spare tire and uh it's just getting bigger not good not a good look. Okay I'm starting to get teased by my family. And Shit even buddy of mine. I saw the other day. I'm like hey how you doing. I haven't seen in a long time because well no problem seeing you give him. How's Gone Buddha? You know I'm getting all that shit now. Shame it's a shame so off to the gym. Last night off I went went to a gym. I don't believe it I oh I did. I went to the gym. They got they have a gym. Here they've good life. There's not a national brand. Is that a good life. I think it's national. It's here too and Tony. Greco of course is there but so they have they have a sort of. They got good life fitness here and then they have a thing called fit for less fit the number for for less. I don't know if you have those there. We go anyway. I drift in their few years ago and gone out fucking. Listen wait and I'm going. I don't know if I want to pay the eighty sheets a month or whatever it is or the Hindi or the sixty bones. You know to probably won't last doing you know and he'll go in there. Okay what's what's the deal here. It's ten dollars a month as what. Yeah and then drops to five after a while five bucks a month ten dollars a month we should get them as a sponsor because I it's just the best deal ever so there's no locker rooms okay. But there's tons of treadmill guy that's all that's all they do want to get there. Do you smoke glare on the treadmill. Nobody smoke right after right there about like I told you I'm I'm a feature. When the guy goes watch him go now watch them go? Boom cigarette after running in for thirty or forty minutes of the doctors would say about that. Like if that's a complete waste of time like or is it even worse than if you had done nothing Steve. That's not even courage men and support. What I'm I'm generally asking? An open ended question because I am concerned and I'm concerned that when you do your treadmill thing that all the passages opened up nicely in your lungs and it looks like looks like gyms going to start treating US better and it's receptive accepted all the goodness and then all the sudden jamming the tar and nicotine and it sucks it right up thinking everybody's healthy now. Well what what. I am a bit of an over reactor actor Steve Okay. So there's people in this th there's like a weight section at the back okay. We're all the muscle heads. Go All these guys are pumping iron. And then there's there's there's always someone who's like ripping along on the treadmill at like nine miles per hour marathon stuff you know and I and Donald I'll walk by before I start. Look at their miles per hour thing right and then I'll I get online last night and I'm going to three point five. You can walk past rights okay. So so in fact I'm sort of checking it right and doing the trot right. The the GYGI JOG jog. He can't say Gygi Jog and get away with that. I'm doing my feet or slamming down onto the treadmill. I'm like tired right away. And then you know this guy beside t- whipping along look and see. I've started to suck wind a little bit. They're pretty quick last night. And then I start to make noises like like I'm about to hit my twenty second mile or something and I'm really I don't know just over a quarter of a mile in and the people are laughing at me Steve. I'm like I'm trying here. Okay I just want to just trying to get in shape you know and people are laughing at me off. Oh and the other thing CBS's so that's okay because I would laugh at a bunch of people there too and because all these muscle guys you know I got in trouble and because they walked by there and they'll post oh Steve. They'll pose when they walk by the mere they stop right and they flex the shoulder They'll wear the muscle shirts you know. Make sure you can see the arms and all that stuff. But but all of them Steve have legs the size of toothpicks. Okay they don't lie. They don't like to work on their legs. Steve they want for the for the for the broads for the tomatoes for the cheese. They want the girls for the girls curls for the girls there you go yeah Nice. I can't help myself Stephen and I you know when the couple of them walk by and hang on. Make sure you don't fall over there. Okay you don't have much older than that up a little Zinger stevie okay. You're giving people zingers the gym giving I'm giving people singers at the gym as they're looking at me you know running and that's like showing up to a gun fight with a knife right. No so to think Steve Air Internal Lose weight. So I'm I'm to eighteen or something like that at my worst. Okay Hi dear I for some reason I go up three or four pounds a day. Sometimes I don't know why yourself in the morning your your lowest weight so but I'm about to fourteenth Stevie this is the worst idea in the world is to ever bring up. I'm on my way to quit smoking on a diet or I'm you know I'm starting to exercise because it never lasts but this one's GonNa last this is GonNa last. What can I do to help you along? I'M GONNA I'm GonNa you know I'm going to do a report. Everyone a little thirty second report on my fitness regime and so going to try and little last night my my third good night coming up Steve. Not eating past seven o'clock I did. I've done it for two nights. That are all those concerns because they know a lot of good listeners. Take great pleasure sure and entertainment in the erosion of your body. If you're going in the other direction we might lose listenership GONNA try. Something comes into my house and I'm going. Yeah look I can't believe I'm losing weight. Two boxes of Captain Crunch six doughnuts Safeway and pick up a little thing and then the the. The Jar are sitting on my counter. The jar of peanut butter jam is there with a bag of English muffins. Think I think that might be step one before even bother with the gym. Take a look at what your cramming into your word whole. Yes whether it's nicotine and tar whether it's sugar and grease you need to stop up all that I don't understand undersell nicotine and Caffeine Steve to go on a diet okay. It's a great substitute for eating. Okay bunch of coffee and cigarettes switch to black coffee and I'm doing this. Intermittent fasting and changed my life like nodded all in terms of like missing facing stuff. It's the right line is basically. Don't eat from eight o'clock at night until about eleven. AM The next day. Just the only thing I can have is black black coffee and I don't miss anything that's good then the eight league normally the the rest of the day Hey nachos great bring it on exactly exactly you know. Here's here's a here's a couple of things. Okay skinny people. Steve can fuck off with advice on how I should exercise. Well I I'm a big fan of. Hey when I ask you for advice no matter what it is whether it's my Goddamn golf swing or about weight loss advice. I'll ask you bought it but I don't know volunteer. I don't WanNa hear like I'm chatty Steve. You don't get going now I see. I'll go for a little run every night. A little couple miles. It's GonNa take me half an hour for sure because that's our you know it's GonNa take me that and then I chat Gosse. Hey how's it going you know. I haven't seen her before right and I'm like yeah man I I got to lose some weight. Wait I smoke a pack a day and and they're they're pretty good way to go. Hey keep her up Paul. What's your name Big Jim? I'm big Jim and what's yours is like I'm I'm Hans from Germany and the guy looks like a fucking Greek God and so. That's Nice Steve Right. And you see these people every night. If you go at the same time right which is great. you know hey Hans how seducing are going to see all that stuff and then what happened Steve You guys. Hey Hey proud of you now you get that from right proud of your way to go man good to keep it up keep it a great day. Four or five Steve. Okay on the Han shows up again starts to walk over to my treadmill and starts to tell me. Here's how you should exercise Jim. Okay listen let's put the let's. Let's doing ascending ramp. Okay can raise the ramps on the treadmill. Let's get you doing some interval stuff. Maybe we're going to get you over hidden away. No fuck off Hans Okay. We're not doing anything anything. I'm doing my little job here. I can't stand it but it that's probably true with you. You're the kind of personality you don't really want advice about anything for Noah's part it's not just exercise. I would suggest that you'd have your car breaks down you've got the hood op and you're looking at it. You have no idea what you're doing you still don't want somebody to come along advice right. I mean if you did something Steve. Okay although although I am intrigued by some people I got a buddy came over the other veins like fuck. You've lost a lot of ways. It's like twenty five pounds. This was this interesting. What he does is for half an hour he he runs he starts he? He walked for a minute. The so you started Steve. You Walk for a minute and then you run as fast as you can for ten seconds and you do that for half an hour so it's probably like are you doing thirty seconds. Thirty ten second runs or something like that sounds. That sounds pretty good so I tried. That lasted fucking twice. Okay doing it. It's hard to do anyways so some of some of it. I don't mind but I just don't I I just don't need people weighing in. Here's what you should do. What do you mean what I fucking should do? I wasn't doing anything and now I'm doing this..

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