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Chris fama is that the Quincy center city state it T. station with this report on any given day at any given hour I can go to any of the MBTA's one hundred forty one stations they get these types of responses so this is an antiquated system today's record as a there's no doubt the agency's troubles are well documented but I don't know if that reflects on the safety policies are just somebody who made it up personal and well passengers admit their commutes can be frustrating an event such as this calls for perspective this is a tragedy you know I just filled out for the family dentistry anybody in that situation I feel sorry for the family and Paul courts my condolences go go out I I mean people to work every day expectant come home at Quincy center Chris fama WBZ Boston's newsradio a mentorship program in Newbury port is helping eighth graders and elementary school students help each other and learn from one another this story from WBZ's James row house the idea to have eighth grade students become mentors for younger kids came from Jan cross skin she teaches social studies at Rupert a knock middle school so I was trying to think about how can we encourage our young men to be involved in any type of volunteer projects thirteen year old Michael Duffy is among her students are stepping up to be role models at Bresnahan elementary on Thursdays we get to go into the classroom go and hang out with some of the kids there and then on Fridays we get to hang out with basically the whole grade stuff like third graders and kindergartners lunch recess and play with them Ruskin hopes the program only grows to help benefit students from both schools in Newbury port James R. O. hasta UBC Boston's newsradio scare in Auburn as fires sends guess at the Fairfield inn and suites out onto the streets as happened last night after flames broke out in the attic of that hotel employees call for help even before the fire alarm sounded the thirty displays travelers were taken to the nearby Hampton in for the night watch for a major announcement this week involving the construction of a wall along the US Mexico border here's ABC's Jim Ryan little by little candidate trump promise of a barrier separating the US from Mexico is being realized this week president trump will lay out a budget proposal that includes two billion dollars in new funding for border wall construction that significantly less than last year's request but the defense department is expected to announce that more Pentagon funds will go toward the project the president saying that he doesn't need congressional approval to re direct military money to the wall Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas Amazon is canceling books that they say promote racial hatred CBS is Deborah Rodriguez with this story Amazon is exiling books written by **** and white supremacists it's pulled selections by former KKK leader David Duke and American **** party founder George Lincoln Rockwell it's also banned books like the ruling elite the Zionist seizure of world power and a history of central banking and the enslavement of mankind third party sellers to stock Amazon's virtual shelves don't like it the online retailer which now controls at least two thirds of the book market says it's offering should provide a positive customer experience Deborah Rodriguez CBS news and inspiring new addition to the Boston College women's hockey.

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